How to Create a Blockchain Network for Business and Not Screw Up. FutureNet Project Founder Roman Ziemian Shares the Secret of Success

FutureNet is a multifunctional platform specialized in innovative technologies for business online promotion. The project introduces an improved business model that unites the best of the blockchain and MLM worlds. FutureNet network was founded in 2014, the audience of the project already numbers over 3,5 mln users. FutureNet project founder Roman Ziemian shares his rules of doing business and explains how a life position of a leader affects the project results.

  • What rules should be followed by entrepreneurs who create a business from scratch?

First of all, you should always look at the business from a global and timing perspective. Create a product that will be in demand among society at any time and place in the world, develop it in accordance with market changes. Don’t be afraid to do something, but don’t forget about the risks – no matter how successful the project is, be ready to lose the money you’ve invested. Speaking of network business, I think that it should be treated as your own family. You grow and develop together with partners and you move towards the success for a common cause.

When I met my business partner Stephan Morgenstern, the blockchain topic was only at the start of its development. Besides, considering a great experience that Stephan has in network marketing we couldn’t pass by this sector and decided to create an improved and modern MLM business model that meets the challenges of today, opens up the potential of users on the Internet and gives them the opportunity to earn.

  • Why did you choose the EU for doing business, Poland in particularly?

I was born in Poland and when I met Stephan we’ve decided together that it will be the best place for the start. European legislative base is very strong and at the same time allows owners to freely conduct and develop their own business. Besides, the EU has a code of laws regarding frauds, corruption, money laundering, violation of which has serious consequences for the company. This way ensure the security of users personal information, their financial assets and show that our business is not a shallow but an honest project in which anyone can participate. Now we also have offices in England, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

  • The project audience already numbers over 3,5 mln users in 190 countries in the world. How did you manage to do it?

We’ve created a business platform that unites unique blockchain technologies and a classic MLM. It’s not a secret that it is possible to earn in MLM business. We went further and decided to improve the model of conducting network business and give users more opportunities to make additional money.

You can earn in network marketing. Let’s have a look at Mary Kay. Just think about it – the company was created in 1963 and already has over 3 mln employees! There are many stories of success in this company and other leaders in the network marketing and they are all true. It’s important to understand that any result depends only on you. The amount of earning in the project directly connected with the work made by a user. Projects that promise you million for nothing are scams. Nothing costs more than something that’s free.

  • How to distinguish MLM projects from financial pyramids?

Unfortunately, financial pyramids still exist and it’s most of the time difficult to distinguish worthwhile projects from frauds. Even though people can access great opportunities of the technological world and they are more cautious about startups that enter the market, most of them still can fall for shallow projects. MLM business has proved for years that anyone willing to earn can do so but certain efforts should be applied. Despite the fact that financial pyramids are developing and coming up with new fraud schemes, there are several indicators which can help to distinguish them from MLM projects. One of the main difference that network marketing has against financial pyramids is a product developed and produced by the company. The product should be in demand among users, bring benefits, help to build and develop existing business. In FutureNet we are mainly focused on our users. For example, crypto wallet FNWallet is used for safe transactions and storing cryptocurrencies. Users can assess 13 categories with thousands of products on online trading platform 24BAS. Cloud storage FutureCloud allows storing the information in the cloud and sharing it online. One of the latest product developed by FutureNet – an advertising network BannersApp where users see ads when unlocking their smartphones, while brands can customize their banners in accordance with the characteristics of potential clients. Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that financial pyramids usually appear in the market as fast as they will disappear afterwards and don’t offer any real products, only promise you enormous earnings from nothing. Such companies should be avoided.


What do you think about such popular topic as cryptocurrencies, FuturoCoin in particular? Do you think that founders have made the idea of “the coin of the future” to come true?

The cryptocurrency market was at the peak of its popularity in 2017, in particular, the leading coins Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – this is when FutureNet team has thought of creating own cryptocurrency. It was a big step for FutureNet as with the launch of FuturoCoin they’ve opened a whole new range of opportunities for network users. A team of real professionals worked on creating the coin, its rate already exceeds $12 and holders are willingly trading it on cryptocurrency exchanges. Transactions in FuturoCoin take 4 seconds and an additional protection from double-spending was developed. Users can set up to 10 recipients within one transaction, the fee is fixed and doesn’t depend on the number of addresses. FuturoCoin holders can assess a wide range of opportunities for using the coin in the business and everyday lives. You can already pay with FuturoCoin in FutureNet cafes located in Kiev, Wroclaw, and Warsaw.

  • FutureNet is actively supporting sports. What does it mean to you?  

Social responsibility of owners and participant is of the indicators of a successful business. Your business should participate in the life of society and be useful. FutureNet was created for people at the first place and the communication with them is very important to us – this is why the project has so many in common with the social network. Our new project – FutureNet Sport is a part of FutureNet network and is actively participating in the lives of sports teams and events. We’ve already become partners with a German football club VfB Stuttgart and a Polish basketball FutureNet WKS Śląsk Wrocław, and have also participated in such event like Shanghai International Legends Stars Tournaments 2018, Deutschland Tour 2018 on cycling and many others.

  • The project has not bypassed quite an important question of charity. What role does it play in FutureNet?

I and Stephan take charity very seriously and have founded an organization called FutureNet Foundation. Thanks to the participants we’ve recently managed to raise money on a surgery for an 8-years girl Wictoria from Poland and have already helped many other kids. Together with the foundation, we want to help as many kids as possible and to make the world brighter and better for them. In June, I and Stephan have become partners with IIMSAM organization and the United Nations. The main goal of IIMSAM is to fight against cancer and the global hunger problem. We can’t imagine how hard it can be for women to fight breast cancer but we want to do our best to support them in such a hard time and give them an opportunity to feel strong and confident. At the moment Stephan is the only IIMSAM ambassador in Germany and me – in Poland. This cooperation plays a great role in our lives and the life of the project. We believe that together FutureNet and IIMSAM can do more for people who really need help and support.

Investors are still Playing Defensive

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The start of this trading week can best be characterized as confused and cautious one for investors. Asian equity markets fell on Monday and continued to be dragged lower on Tuesday, despite at a slower pace. European stocks recovered slightly but appetite to risk remained limited as a cautious mood continued to dominate U.S. markets flipping between gains and losses throughout most of Monday’s session to end the day in red as Technology selloffs dominated the overnight trading session.

There still seems to be a lot of uncertainty in global financial markets after last week’s steep selling. The S&P 500 closed below its 200-days moving average on Monday, a signal that won’t be liked by trend-following investors. A failure to return above this average today may encourage further bears to join the crowd.

Big U.S. banks have delivered better than expected results for Q3. Bank of America, Citi Group, and JP Morgan Chase all managed to rally on EPS. However, all three banks are in negative territory year-to-date, not even the higher and steeper yield curve is helping them, and this should be considered a warning sign. Despite the risk-off mode, U.S. Treasury yields remained close to their seven-year high.

Treasuries’ next move from here will be very important, as it’s becoming more evident that valuations are becoming a major concern. Higher interest rates mean higher required return on equity, so valuations either need to drop further from current levels or earnings should be robust enough to encourage investors to keep taking a risk.

Investors are also struggling with the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, Brexit talks, Italy’s budget clash with Brussels, EM slow down, and the most recent geopolitical tensions between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. However, given the limited reaction in oil prices and the Saudi bond market, investors seem to believe the Saudi-U.S. political conflict will be sorted without incurring further damage to an already struggling global economy.

Disclaimer: The content in this article comprises personal opinions and should not be construed as containing personal and/or other investment advice and/or an offer of and/or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments and/or a guarantee and/or prediction of future performance. ForexTime (FXTM), its affiliates, agents, directors, officers or employees do not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness, of any information or data made available and assume no liability as to any loss arising from any investment based on the same. – Eliminating Fraud with a Blockchain Based Trading Platform is unique in that it is the world’s first trading platform that has been built on Ethereum’s blockchain utilizing smart contract technology, and this makes Spectre a broker-less and fraud-free trading platform, but with all the benefits of a typical broker platform.

Acronym for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange, the platform has all the functionalities of traditional trading platforms, like the ability to trade various assets including currency pairs, commodities, and cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins), but also boasts some other features that you wouldn’t find on traditional platforms, which makes a platform like this exceptionally unique.


Users trade directly against a decentralized pool of liquidity. This institutes an innovative leap forward via the DALP – the Decentralised Autonomous Liquidity Pool – and allows users to trade without requiring specific P2P matches. As such, users are trading against a decentralized balance sheet that is available 24/7 to be traded against on demand.

Unlike traditional forex, CFD, options and speculative trading platforms, SPECTRE.AI offers a much safer trading environment. It is the first platform to allow retail traders to trade Smart Options, a new trading contract-class with a verified outcome resulting in average payouts of 75%. Users can take speculative trades on 50+ assets and see outcomes from just 10 seconds to end of the day.  There are low deposit and trade size requirements (from just $1), exclusive built-in risk management features, free demo accounts and, of course, a proprietary and revolutionary platform. The platform also issues multiple trade ideas within the interface, in the form of various chart setups on a range of timeframes.  Click here to watch a step-by-step tutorial showing you how you can take advantage of the trade ideas and not miss out on any opportunities!

On Spectre’s decentralized platform, traders are given the option to either deposit money in the form of ETH into a Regular Account (which can now also be done via. their partner, Uphold, using credit/debit card or bank wire) and are then given funds to trade with. Or, with a Wallet Account, traders can trade directly from their wallets. The DALP, or liquidity pool, is its balance sheet that is owned by token holders who receive regular weekly rewards based on the traded volume. In fact, this is the only company today (blockchain or not) that has validated a weekly rewards model, worldwide.

Speaking of volume, Spectre has no central authority, unlike traditional trading platforms where they benefit from money being kept in a financial institution that is earning them interest. Spectre only makes money through volume, so in essence, this makes losses irrelevant to them. Where most platforms gain when traders lose, Spectre is focused on having high volumes on its platform because high volumes mean that more fees can be collected.  So, there is absolutely no conflict of interest whatsoever.

As stated earlier, all trades that are placed on the Spectre platform are actually happening on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes fraud on both sides impossible because of Ethereum’s smart contract technology, and also removes any issues that might occur during withdrawals or account problems.

Another way Spectre is looking to build a platform that is built on trust and reassurance is the fact that it gives traders the option to never deposit their money onto the platform itself. But instead trade straight from their own wallets, so they always have control and transparency over what is happening. When traders deposit funds into their account on Spectre, the funds are then placed into a smart contract where they will remain secure and won’t be subject to alteration. Procedures like this are the reason why broker-less trading platforms are the way forward because it inherently protects everyone involved.

You can take the platform for a test drive by registering for a free demo here – and see why so many traders are switching to Spectre.

Visit Official Website

Regulatory Notice: is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading involves high risk and you can lose all your money.

Star CEOs’ Impact on the Markets

With the spawn of an idea, they managed to get rich. They influenced the markets with their actions. And can still continue to do so. Whether they stay or go, their actions will continue to echo on the companies they represent. Find out more about the world’s most successful CEOs, their presence and their weight on the financial markets. Let’s see what happened.

Recently J.C. Penney shares have jumped up more than 10% after a new CEO was nominated. Now the talks regarding the future of the company linger on whether or not, Jill Soltau, the new chief executive, will manage to hold onto a good strategy.

J.C. Penney’s new CEO has an experience of over ten years in the retail industry and received very good reviews so far. But in the first week after her nomination, J.C. Penney shares have dropped to a historically low $1.55.

The one that left us in wow

Another good example of CEOs’ power to make or break a company, is Elon Musk. Especially since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit. Who appeared to be Tesla’s role-model CEO, ended up pushing Tesla shares to drop more than $100, in the past three months.

Sure, he still remains co-founder, and product architect of Tesla while continuing to taunt the S.E.C. trough various tweets. And after all, that happened, the markets still we can’t manage to paint him as the villain. At least not after he just went ahead with a long time promise, and delivered clean water to Flint School.

The one where Facebook gets dumped

One more case worth bringing up is the great split-up between Mark Zuckerberg and the duo Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who co-founded Instagram. The moment the last two left Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) had an impact on Facebook shares.

Instagram’s co-founders have decided to take a sabbatical, to change-up with new ideas. Of course, the news didn’t pass unobserved and Facebook shares have shed approximately $20, and quickly recovered from it. At least Mark Zuckerberg still has Facebook’s back. The famous CEO is also the world’s 5th richest man.

The one about the second runner-up

Speaking about the richest man alive, Bill Gates beats Zuck’ by being the second richest man, according to Forbes. Nonetheless, Microsoft shares weren’t spared of downtrends. A noticeable bad moment took place during the 14 years of Steve Ballmer’s era.

That was a really bad period for Microsoft shares, that seemed to simply stay flat, ranging from the highest level of $52, and as little as $17. The shares finally went back to $38, right before Ballmer left, in February 2014.

Luckily for Microsoft, Satya Nadella, the current CEO has successfully managed to shift the performance, and bring shares to an amazing $116, in just 4 years. Imagine what he could’ve done with 10 more years.

The one that pulled a “Crapner”

You might be tempted to say that what Ballmer did is pretty bad, given the potential that Microsoft has proven during the past years, but wait till you hear the next happening.

The story took place in the early 90’s and spoke of a man that had everything and lost it all to a joke. If you ever heard the phrase “to pull a Ratner”, you should know we’re talking about Gerald Ratner, Ratner Group’s CEO.

Gerald was the son of the man that built the great jewelry empire. His famous joke summed up that a prawn sandwich might last longer than a pair of crap golden earrings, they sold. As expected, the Ratners Group shares took a great hit and Gerald lost even the right to his own name.

If you’re pragmatic, with an already developed idea about what might happen next with the shares or their futures, you might want to check Stratton. The new, regulated broker is breaking into the markets with very decent trading conditions and a solid education media center.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of the retail investor, accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Daniel Ricciardo Becomes EightCap Official Ambassador

Australian F1® driver Daniel Ricciardo has joined forces with Forex & CFD Broker EightCap. Daniel has joined one of Australia’s fastest growing online trading companies as the official brand ambassador.

“Getting to know the team at EightCap and their business made the decision a really comfortable one for me. EightCap is ambitious and just as passionate about the financial markets as I am about my career.”

“Striving to be the best in any pursuit takes serious commitment, and I respect what the EightCap team is aiming to achieve. I’m looking forward to working closely with them.’’

Daniel Ricciardo – Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1® Driver

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Daniel Ricciardo has enjoyed a highly successful career within the sport of Formula 1® since his debut in the premier motorsport class in 2011.

He has had great success at both Toro Rosso and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing with close to 150 races into his career to date. Daniel has reached the podium on 29 occasions with seven Grand Prix wins. Daniel will join Renault Sports Formula 1® team for the 2019 and 2020 Formula 1® season.

“We identified Daniel as a highly ambitious individual that we wanted to be aligned with. He’s an elite driver with a contagious personality.”

“We aspire to achieve big goals just like Daniel and we’re thrilled to be working with him as part of this partnership.”

Joel Murphy – EightCap CEO

The EightCap team caught up with Daniel in Perth recently. Take a look behind the scenes…

To learn more about Daniel Ricciardo and EightCap, visit

SimpleFX Celebrates 2.0 Launch by Cutting Spreads by 20%

The SimpleFX design and software development teams have worked with a passion for the last months to create and deliver the best trading experience. The engineers have come up with a remodeled, more efficient trading engine that provides faster loading times and price updates while the designers created the brand new outstanding mobile user experience.

trading simplefx while driving tesla

The new SimpleFX WebTrader is designed for mobile and allows one tap trading

The best app to learn day trading basics

The SimpleFX team reduced to the minimum the number of actions needed to perform each action. With “quick trading” mode you can open and close orders, positions, and trades with just one click (or tap).

To help the very beginners SimpleFX designers created a tool that is very easy-to-use and instantly accessible. If you are new to day trading, you will be seamlessly introduced to the basics of opening and closing orders. A fully functional demo account and no minimum deposits should help beginners get the hang of CFD trading.

trading litecoin with simplefx

A powerful tool for experts

As an advanced trader, you will appreciate the range of advanced features SimpleFX WebTrader brings to the table. Thanks to a safe and secure API manager you can plug-in any of your favorite automated trading, advanced analytics, or artificial intelligence modules, and challenge the market with your master tactics.

To facilitate both beginners and advanced users the access trading SimpleFX has launched a content website – – with a dedicated editorial team. The goal is to create online courses, classes, and tutorials, as well as provide the news and analysis useful for day traders.

Transparent third-party real-time affiliate tracking platform

With the relaunch, SimpleFX decided to go all-in with affiliate program transparency and partnered with a third-party affiliate management solution

With you will get access to a stack of effective engagement tools helpful in building and activating your multi-level affiliate network. Real-time stats for clicks, views, conversion rates and multilevel revenue income will help you manage your partners.

With you can track the affiliates on a map and expand your network with a great set of multilanguage designs for their campaigns. The lifetime revenue share rates stay high reaching 40% of the spread on each SimpleFX transaction a trader recommended by you will ever make.

To encourage trying the new SimpleFX WebTrader, the platform launched a limited-time cashback offer that cuts by 20% the spread on each trade.

If you need a fast and reliable trading app with 1:500 leverage it’s a great opportunity to give a try. Start trading today and make the most of the ongoing promo!

China’s Yuan Approaches Critical Level as U.S. Treasury Yields Continue to Climb

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The trading week kicked off with a panicked sell-off in Chinese equities which simply expresses growing fears in financial markets. Rising U.S. and global interest rates, a stronger U.S. dollar, slowing economic activity, and of course, tense U.S.-China relations have all attributed to the nervous market environment. The cut of the Reserve Ratio Requirement from PBOC to boost credit did little to help appetite, in a sign that more action needs to be taken to avoid a hard landing. While we think that China still has a lot of monetary and fiscal tools to cushion a slowdown to its economy, investors need to see the domestic picture improving before seeing a significant rally in its equity markets.

Given that China’s equity market recovered slightly on Tuesday, the focus will shift to the Yuan. USDCNY made another attempt to test 6.93, the highest level since August. The PBOC had set the midpoint rate at 6.9019, slightly lower than the previous fix of 6.8987. It now seems a matter of when, not if the currency will reach the key physiological level of 7. The U.S. administration may view the 9% slump in the Yuan over the past six months a deliberate weakening to gain advantage in the ongoing trade war. It will be interesting to see whether U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin decides to formally label China a currency manipulator in next week’s foreign exchange report.

It is not only China and emerging markets that are experiencing a slowdown in economic growth. According to the IMF, trade tensions and the imposition of tariffs were taking a toll on commerce and resulted in the IMF downgrading global economic growth to 3.7% for 2018 and 2019, down from 3.9% in July’s forecast. The Fund also cut the 2019 U.S. growth forecast by 0.2% to 2.5%, as it sees the impact from tax cuts waning.

Currency traders will need to keep a close eye on how U.S. Treasury markets move today given markets was closed Monday on Columbus Day. Yields on the 30-year Treasury were up four basis points, testing a new four-year high. The 10-year Treasury Yields also made a new seven-year high of 3.2520%. Another significant move higher will likely lead to a further selloff in global currencies and gold which has been under increased pressure over the past few days.

Disclaimer: The content in this article comprises personal opinions and should not be construed as containing personal and/or other investment advice and/or an offer of and/or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments and/or a guarantee and/or prediction of future performance. ForexTime (FXTM), its affiliates, agents, directors, officers or employees do not guarantee the accuracy, validity, timeliness or completeness, of any information or data made available and assume no liability as to any loss arising from any investment based on the same.

Ubex’s ICO Success Indicates Future of Digital Marketing

That’s where Ubex comes in. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, this startup is revolutionizing the digital advertising market. It circumnavigates the problem of high commission fees by eliminating digital marketing agencies entirely, tokenizing ad slots and having AI collect key data to make sure buyers can purchase effective digital and social marketing. It combats click fraud by adopting the cost-per-action model and saving all actions to the ultra-secure blockchain. Finally, it optimizes targeting algorithms through the use of neural networks, ensuring an efficient use of purchasers’ advertising budgets.

Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and programmatic approaches are the way forward in digital marketing, promising to optimize advertising efforts. Ubex proves this with their great success in their ICO, which was held from May 21 to September 30, 2018. Impressively, the project hit its soft cap in just one day, and over the course of the sale, it ended up hitting its hard cap, collecting 161 BTC, 25,074 ETH, and 3,336 LTC. Clearly, Ubex represents the future of digital marketing.

Thanks to the ICO’s immense success, the UBEX token is now worth even more than it was during the ICO. It’s available for purchase on a number of exchanges: You can get it on BitForex, BitMart, BTC-Alpha, Hotbit, and Bilaxy. The project also has won the voting on the LBank exchange, thanks to its loyal community joining together and voting for its listing. The competition was close at times, but in the end, Ubex won by a landslide thanks to its passionate community.

The token sale may be over now, but even if you missed it, it’s a great idea to invest in some UBEX tokens. They continue to increase in value, and as the success of this up-and-coming startup grows, so too will the tokens.

For more information on the Ubex project and what it entails, please check out these:

10 Things You Need to Know About Abu Dhabi

The capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and also one of the largest cities in the country, Abu Dhabi is a wonder. Living in the city brings to you cherished experience from all over the world and some which are truly unique to Abu Dhabi. Merely two decades ago, this city was a small town with a few immigrant families and a majority of oil corporations setting sights on the black gold. Since then Abu Dhabi has come a really long way.

For those of you seeing the town for the first time will realize that the city barely resembles the desert it is so widely associated with. Skyrocketing towers and a thriving business district give this city its worldly charm. The city is now home to thousands of immigrant families who settled in the city not only because of its world-class facilities in sports, education, business, and living but because the city offers a charm like no other in the country. Sure, the first thing you are going to wonder – ‘isn’t Dubai better?’, well to the untrained eye yes, it may seem that way. Surely Dubai has a plethora of wonderful amenities and world-class hospitality but that’s great when you are planning to stay only a few days or weeks. Those things mean very little when you want to settle your family in a city and want the best the world has to offer. That’s where Abu Dhabi provides you with all the Dubai has to offer and so much more.

For those of you who are visiting the city for the first time or relocating for work and/or business, we have collated a list of things you should keep in mind. This list is to help you better adjust to the cultural differences and nuances of the city that we love.

Conservative Cosmopolitan

Abu Dhabi is a world-recognized pioneer city in technology and business which puts it in the top brass of cities all over the world. That said, Abu Dhabi is strongly rooted in its customs and traditions. This hugely applies to women and clothing customs. Covering your shoulders, legs and knees are mandatory in public places. In the vicinity of your hotels or private venues, you have the freedom to wear what you like although, in places such as mall, mosques and other open areas, it is mandatory for women to abide by the local customs of the land. As an outsider to the customs, we recommend carrying a pashmina shawl with you at all times. This will help you cover yourself in places where the customs require you to. Also in areas where the air conditioning is high having a shawl is an added advantage.

The local language is not a mandate

While the city has a conventional culture and as a outsider, you may consider language to be a problem as well but that is not the case. Most hotels and service providers will have English speaking staff available to support you in the common language. Although, knowing a few local phrases especially ones for greeting will be beneficial to you.

Tips and additional service payments

Tipping is a common practice in the city of Abu Dhabi. There are many places like taxis, hotel valets, restaurants etc. where locals will expect a tip for their services. So it’s good to keep with the practice but there is no mandate on this. You can always refuse to do so. If you do choose to tip for the services rendered, keep to a maximum of ten percent as that is the norm. In restaurants make sure to check if the bill already contains an inclusion for the tip, if so there is no need to pay an additional tip.

Finding your way around the city

If it’s for your first time in the city and you don’t have a local guide to take you around, fear not. There are plenty of transport services available to you. You can dial for a taxi or venture out on any of the bus routes. Buses are fully air-conditioned and you will be able to converse with the attendants in English. Make sure to grab a map of the city and know the name of the location you are staying in.

Driving in UAE

The UAE traffic rules and regulations have provisions for tourists and non-residents to drive in the city. There are options for those of who prefer to drive which include temporary driving licenses and similar such provisions. Although keep in mind that driving in the cities of UAE can be perilous. We recommend checking for car insurance Dubai online for the best rates and options to ensure you are thoroughly covered on the road. Safety is our primary concern.

The best time to travel to UAE

While this point isn’t specific to Abu Dhabi in particular, it’s always a good idea to check in advance what the best time is to visit a new city or country. Since UAE is mostly desert and arid land, there is heavy sunshine all year round. This holds true for Abu Dhabi as well. The Summer months become exceptionally uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to the harsh heat that local may be accustomed to. With UAE in particular, it’s good to visit in the months between May and October. The winter periods are also fairly good times to be in the country. Although, if you are traveling in May or June, consider checking for the Ramadan dates as its a nationally celebrated time and due to fasting periods most shops and services shut early. The cities are also not too vibrant or active during these periods.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is a must visit landmark in the city of Abu Dhabi. The sight of the towering mosque and its vibrant artwork will leave you speechless. It is truly a wonder and will leave you mesmerized in awe of the wondrous architecture.

Get your shades on

The harsh sun and hot climate will be a challenge for you when you begin your journey in the city. It’s a great opportunity for you to pick out your favorite shades and sport them on whenever you step out for your sightseeing tours and travels around the city.


Some of you may have had this questions on your mind. To ease your pain and rest easy, there are restaurants and bars in Abu Dhabi that serve alcohol. While the nation is culturally bound by the consumption of alcohol, it is available for non-residents and tourists who choose to indulge in alcohol.

Public Display of Affection

Being a conservative nation, public display of affection is not acceptable in the city of Abu Dhabi. You can hold hands in public places but anything more is not tolerated by the morally policed nation. Beware of the affectionate gestures with your beau.

We hope these pointers help you get slightly more familiar with the local customs and traditions as well as plan out your journey with more ease.

OctaFX Gives Away Luxury Cars in the Supercharged 2 Real Contest

1 October 2018, OctaFX, the industry-leading foreign exchange broker, is launching Supercharged 2, a new contest on real trading accounts with valuable prizes for all their clients. Both ordinary traders and IBs will compete for cars and other prizes in their separate ratings. The remarkable thing about this contest is that traders will be able to win several prizes even during one month, and IBs will have chances to win more that one car!

The contest has a complex structure where almost every dedicated trader has chances to win. The very first and the most important stage is a race for the main prizes:

  • 1st place: BMW X5 M
  • 2nd place: Lexus GS-F
  • 3rd place: Honda Civic Type R

Three traders whose performance is the best across three categories (Traded Volume, Gain, Profit Factor) throughout the year will get these luxury vehicles. The yearly rating is calculated for each participant from the date of signing up for the contest and cannot be reset. Although an unlucky participant can always start over with a new trading account.

The year-long contest is divided into twelve rounds, each lasting for a calendar month. During each round, traders will compete in three different categories. Those who traded the biggest number of lots win in the Traded Volume category. Traders who made the biggest profit during a round win in the Gain category. And traders who made the smallest loss comparing to their profit win in the Profit Factor category. The best traders in each of the categories by the end of the round take home prize bundles of smartphones and smartwatches:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Gear S3
  • Apple iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 3
  • Huawei P20 PRO and Huawei Watch 2

Winning in one category or in one round does not mean you won’t be able to claim more prizes. OctaFX encourages traders to keep on participating and winning more prizes. This will simultaneously improve traders’ overall statistics in the race for BMW, Lexus, and Honda Civic.

The part of Supercharged 2 especially for IBs also lasts for a year and is divided into four parts, for three months each. At the end of each part, the winner whose clients traded most receives from OctaFX a  Honda Jazz in the top RS CVT vehicle spec. Notably, every lot traded by each new and reactivated client whose activity started when they signed up for the contest will be multiplied by 1.5 in the IB’s contest statistics. This makes Supercharged 2 pretty tempting even for IBs who are looking for a new broker.

Traders will compete on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts opened through OctaFX. To qualify for the contest, account balance should amount to at least 50 USD (or its equivalent in EUR). Everyone will trade as usual in compliance with standard conditions, without any restrictions on withdrawal or deposit amounts and trading volumes. You can find all the information about Supercharged 2 on our contest page.

OctaFX is an STP Forex broker providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to more than one million trading accounts, on both desktop and mobile devices. OctaFX won Best Forex ECN Broker award in 2017 and has won more than 20 other awards since its foundation. The company has also paid out over $2.5 million in bonuses and has conducted several global and local promotion campaigns with money and product prizes.

FBS Announces the August “Dreams Come True” Contest Winner!

For several years, FBS holds a social contest called “Dreams Come True”, where the contestants write their dreams on the company’s Facebook page. The person with the most inspiring and touching dream becomes the winner, and the prize is getting this dream come true by FBS.

The August winner of “Dreams Come True” contest is Sherlani Jane Fanari, a 28-years old Filipina who lives in Italy with her husband and kids. She is a housewife and her favorite thing to do is sewing, so she wished for a brand-new sewing machine and cotton fabrics to create clothes, furniture covers , nd stuffed toys. But it’s not just a hobby for her – she wants to sew things for sale to support her family in Italy and her mother in the Philippines, because her house was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

Mrs. Fanari has been trading with FBS since May 2018 and found out about the contest through her FBS personal area. She took part in the “Dreams Come True” contest three times, and the last one appeared to be the lucky one. She is very grateful to FBS for giving her the possibility to do the thing she loves and help her family with it. Mrs. Fanari is sure she’s going to continue trading with FBS: she sees trading as a great way to improve her family’s financial situation. “I am very grateful for these wonderful gifts! You will never regret choosing FBS as your broker” – says she. Congratulations to Mrs. Fanari on winning the contest!

FBS is an international broker with over 190 countries of presence.  For 9 years now FBS has been growing, developing and improving its services for the traders and partners to work with more comfort and efficiency. FBS has 40 international prestigious awards, takes part in international exhibitions all over the world, holds educational Forex seminars and Traders parties for partners and traders. Over 9 000 000 traders have already chosen FBS as their preferred Forex company.

The Biggest Trading Opportunities of September You Shouldn’t Have Missed

The mysterious Bitcoin sell-off

The 5th of September was the most interesting day for Bitcoin last month. Without any obvious reasons the price plummeted. It was the largest single-day drop since March 29th. At 9:45 am GMT (5:45 am ET) bitcoin price dropped 3% in just 15 minutes, and 6% in an hour.

Traders who were able to predict this move or recognized early how unique the sellout was, could make a profitable transaction. All you needed is a good price and volume alert, and a fast and reliable trading app to take a chance.

The price swing was so spectacular it provoked 282% increase in 24hr BTC volatility.

Bitcoin Daily Chart
Bitcoin Daily Chart

This was a pure reaction trade opportunity, as the drops had very little fundamental signs. Crypto trading enthusiast experts debated the possible causes of such an extraordinary event. There are three theories for this:

  1. Goldman Sachs rolled back the announcement about cryptocurrency trading desk plans, and the news may cause a massive sell-off.
  2. Silk Road Bitcoins were dumped on the market.
  3. Large sellers used a technical breakdown as an opportunity to speculate and crash price.

The Bitcoin collapse unsurprisingly affected the altcoins. Here’s what happened to Ethereum vs USD.

Ethereum Daily Chart
Ethereum Daily Chart

Glorious days of Ripple

At the end of September, Ripple (XRP) had an interesting run. Just take a look at the candle bars on the 20th and the 21st of September. Ripple was a star currency during these days.

Unlike the 5th of September sell-off, this time, the cause was quite evident. Ripple Labs Inc., a company who owns approximately 60 percent of the XRP supply has announced some plans. The news was that “in the next month or so” Ripple Labs would start a new service xRapid allowing payment providers speed up money transfers into emerging markets.

The announcement wasn’t the strongest one, but the stagnation on the cryptocurrency markets made it resonate impressively well. It worked, the investors went crazy about Ripple for… for two days.

The hungry crypto bulls were waiting for a sigh to buy, even though a Ripple spokeswoman said on Thursday that there wasn’t any official commercial release timeline at this point. The XRP price went up almost 100 percent. At some point, Ripple grew over 140% in September. For a while, it even overtook Ethereum as the second biggest cryptocurrency.

Ripple Daily Chart
Ripple Daily Chart

The surge in price revealed the lack of belief on part of some key Ripple partners. “Wall Street Journal” reported on Monday the 24th that Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb, an owner of billion dollars in XRP was selling them high. Ripple fell to 44 cents, and although Ethereum dropped by 13 percent as well, XRP went back on the third place in

Anyway, it was a great show and a great opportunity for day traders to make some money.

End of September – big events

Some other news that has some potential of impacting cryptocurrency markets in October and the following months.

The Swiss are going to make crypto official?

A Swiss financial services company Seba Crypto AG raised money to become one of the world’s first regulated banks letting consumers easily swap dollars and euros into cryptocurrency.

Google is adjusting and partly lifting the ad ban on crypto

The Alphabet Inc. needed some time, and crypto markets needed some time to stabilize. Google allowed ads for regulated crypto exchanges in the US and Japan. Since the 1st of October, these companies reclaim the most powerful marketing tool, which should positively affect all cryptocurrencies.

$1 Billion EOS Investment Possible

Founder and chief executive officer of Brendan Blumer said his company is going to invest $1 billion in the expansion of EOS, which is the main competitor to Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain systems. has some serious backup from very experienced and successful venture capitalists and hedge fund managers, Peter Thiel and Michael Novogratz.

October forecast

For cryptocurrencies day traders, it is always a good idea to write in the dates of some big blockchain technology conferences to your calendar.

From today, the 1st to the 2nd of October Swell conference organized by Ripple takes place in San Francisco. Bill Clinton will make an opening speech. There will be some important people present, so you can expect some important statements. Watch carefully presentations by Gene Sperling- National Economic Council Director and National Economic Advisor under Presidents Clinton and Obama, Brad Garlinghouse – the CEO of Ripple, Ed Metzger-Head of Innovation at Banco Santander, BitLicense architect Ben Lawsky, several other regulators, bankers, and Ripple employees.

From the 2nd to the 4th of October over 350 blockchain influencers will meet in Dublin, Ireland at the 3rd Blockchain for Finance Conference. Some very important banking decisionmakers will attend, among them: Mariana Gómez de la Villa – Global Program Manager Blockchain from ING, Jeremy Wilson – Vice Chairman at Barclays, Barry Childe- Head of Distributed Leger and Crypto Technology at HSBC, and Laurent Marochin i- Head of Innovation & Quality at Société Générale.

On October the 5th San Francisco Blockchain Week starts. Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Poon form the Lightning Network, Dawn Song of Oasis will attend the convention.

You should also follow the Blockchain Security Conference in Las Vegas from 9th to 11th of October with Michael Perklin- CISO ShapeShift AG and Mikko Ohtamaa, CTO at TokenMarket among the speakers.

From the 16th to the 18th of October following the events on Blockchain Solutions World in Barcelona with Eion Connoly from ConsenSys and Jon Matonis from Bitcoin Foundation as keynote speakers.

A big event will take place in Los Angeles between the 22nd and 24th of October. Crypto Invest Summit is going to be about sustainable investing in blockchain technologies. There are going to be a long list of speakers with market-influencing potential: Steve Wozniak- Apple CoFounder, Tim Draper – Draper University, Dan Morehead- Founder and CEO Pantera Capital, Kavita Gupta – Founding Managing Partner at ConsenSys, David Weild IV-Former VC of NASDAQ and many, many others.

Finally, at the end of October in Prague follow the Network’s Devcon IV, the world’s largest convention of Ethereum developers. The community will gather to solve the challenges of the scaling of the Ethereum Network.

The Driverless CopyPortfolio Investment Strategy is Your Chance to Invest in the Future of the Automobile Industry

The “smart” revolution is all around us, as a growing number of common items are becoming highly technological. It happened with the telephone, it happened with TV, it happened in numerous fields of industry – and now it’s happening in the automotive industry. Self-driving cars are very much a reality, and we will be seeing them in rising numbers on the road within the next few years. This evolution of the personal car, which over the years incorporated more and more technology into it, has resulted in a vehicle that no longer needs a human driver – and the financial potential is incredible.

The driverless car will be one of the most tech-heavy products available to consumers, and as such, will combine numerous components from both automakers and high-tech companies. To learn more about the different aspects of the autonomous car industry, projected to become a $7 trillion market(1) eventually, read this blog post.

Being such an innovative field on the one hand, yet being developed by some of the world’s largest, and most recognizable, companies on the other, the driverless car industry presents an interesting thematic investment opportunity. However, since it involves companies from different industries, operating in various markets around the world, building a thematic investment portfolio to track the industry can be challenging. That is why, here at eToro, we are launching the Driverless investment strategy, through which the members of the eToro community can invest in this sector.

The Driverless CopyPortfolio: Composition

This managed portfolio strategy contains an array of global companies, ranging from automakers, through hardware manufacturers, to software companies developing computer vision, navigation systems and other solutions relevant to the sector. The companies span several industries and have an overall impressive global presence – and are all part of the trend that will make driverless cars a common part of our daily lives in the coming years:

Car Manufacturers

  • Tesla (TSLA) – Elon Musk’s electric car company has established itself as one of the most intriguing players in both the tech and automotive industries in the US. The company is developing driverless cars and trucks and is one of the pioneers in automotive innovation.
  • Fiat Chrysler (FCA.MI) – One of the largest automotive corporation in the world, Fiat Chrysler has a strong presence in both the North American and European automobile markets, and is working on its own self-driving car.
  • Toyota (TM) – The world’s largest automakers, Japanese Toyota is known to be a highly reliable carmaker, have a strong international presence, and pioneering innovative technologies, such as one of the world’s first mass-produced hybrid personal cars.
  • Honda (HMC) – Another Japanese carmaker, Honda’s name has also become synonymous with quality, for both family cars and high-end sports cars and luxury sedans. Honda is also working on a driverless car, declaring 2025 as the target year for a nearly fully-autonomous vehicle.
  • Ford (F) – The world’s first automotive company is still one of the most influential carmakers out there. The company has announced plans for robot cars for ride-hailing and delivery purposes and will be testing them in Miami in the near future.
  • Renault (RNO.PA) – The French car giant has taken great strides in the autonomous car department: Its Symbioz concept model has generated positive reviews, both for its extremely advanced artificial-intelligence-assisted driving and its innovative approach of including the smart car as an integral part of the smart home of the future, positioning it as a notable player in the industry.
  • BMW (BMW.DE) – The German luxury car maker is a prominent player in driver-assistance technology, such as self-parking systems, which exist in some of its high-end brands. Therefore, it is no wonder that the company has been very public about its plans for creating a completely autonomous vehicle in the future.
  • Volkswagen (VOW3.DE) – Pledging to add electric motors to all of its models by 2030(2), this German giant is also researching completely autonomous cars. The VW I.D. Vizzion concept model unveiled by the company is a fully self-driving car, that doesn’t even have a steering wheel or pedals – it is designed to do all of the driving for the passenger.
  • General Motors (GM) – The largest car manufacturer in the US, GM is no stranger to innovation. In the early 1990s, GM completed the development of the world’s first serial electric car, the EV1. Despite later being pulled from production, GM has proved that it is ready for big changes in serial manufacturing – a quality that will serve it well when the market tilts towards the driverless.
  • Tata Motors (TTM) – India’s largest car manufacturer, which is part of a $151 billion conglomerate, is actively testing autonomous micro-cars. According to Tata, it might be one of the first companies to roll out mass-produced self-driving cars.
  • Caterpillar (CAT) – One of the largest heavy industry vehicle manufacturers in the world, Caterpillar is developing driverless trucks that could revolutionize many industries. In fact, the company is no stranger to automation, as several of its products already include self-driving trucks and other heavy vehicles, used by mining and construction companies around the world.
  • Delphi (DLPH) – This auto parts company is one of the world leaders when it comes to electrical systems and software for vehicles. Its products could play an instrumental part in the linking of cars to advanced computer system required for autonomous driving.
  • Ferrari (RACE) – The Italian supercar’s name is synonymous with luxury and speed. While it has distanced itself from the autonomous car space, it did declare that it is working on a fully electric supercar, which will rival the likes of Tesla.
  • Volvo (VOLV-A.ST) – Swedish carmaker Volvo already has high-tech driver-assistance solutions in some of its models, which is a significant step in the direction of a fully autonomous vehicle.

Software Companies

  • Alphabet (GOOG) – Google’s parent company is also the owner of Waymo, a company who already has self-driving cars roaming the streets of Silicon Valley. Unlike some other tech companies, who’ve kept their progress under wraps, Waymo has been very public with its driverless car prototypes and their performance.
  • Alibaba (BABA) – The Chinese retail giant is known for its massive interest in technological innovation. Therefore, it is no wonder that the company has confirmed that it is also in the race for developing a self-driving car, alongside other tech companies.
  • Baidu (BIDU) – Perhaps one of the strongest competitors in the race of launching the first road-ready autonomous car, Baidu has enjoyed the support of the Chinese government and is manufacturing and testing autonomous cars and buses. According to the company’s Apollo project timeline, Baidu will have a fully autonomous car ready for mass production by 2021.
  • Microsoft (MSFT) – One of the largest tech corporations in the world, Microsoft is also heavily involved in implementing its technology in driverless cars. Some of the cars that use Microsoft’s technology are already being tested in several locations around the world.
  • Blackberry (BBRY) – The former smartphone giant has pivoted into other areas in recent years, including software development. Blackberry is developing software that will be used in the autonomous car industry and has a partnership in place with Chinese giant Baidu.
  • Intel (INTC) – According to the company, Intel has a chip in virtually every self-driving car that is being tested today. Moreover, the company strengthened its grip on the market by acquiring Mobileye, a startup which develops computer vision driver-assisting technology, for a whopping $15 billion.

Hardware Manufacturers

  • Apple (AAPL) – The world’s largest company has a strong presence in numerous fields of technology – and autonomous driving is no exception. Apple has been quite secretive about its driverless plans, but reports suggest the company is developing a brand new self-driving car of its own.
  • Nvidia (NVDA) – Since an autonomous car requires great computing power, it is in need of strong processors. Nvidia is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of processors for some of the most performance-based computer functions, such as the real-time rendering of graphics-heavy computer games. Therefore, it is only natural that the company will also be taking part in making processors for self-driving cars.
  • STMicroElectronics (STM.MI) – Europe’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, ST is also one of the companies taking part in creating the computerised “brains” that will steer the cars of the future.
  • Infineon (IFX.DE) – This German chipmaker is developing semiconductors used in both driver-assistance systems and driverless cars. Teaming up with leading car makers, such as German luxury brand Audi, Infineon could serve a major role in the future of the automotive industry.
  • Texas Instruments (TXN) – Developing semiconductors and various sensors for more than 80 years, Texas Instruments is making its way into the autonomous driving realm. In 2017, the company unveiled a new array of sensors that can be used for autonomous cars, drones and more(3).
  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) – A power player in the microchip industry, AMD is known for offering computing solutions that are more affordable than its main competitors, without compromising on performance. The company started hiring personnel for its AMD automotive department, which strongly suggests it is venturing into the field.
  • Dialog Semiconductor (DLG.DE) – This German semiconductor manufacturer has reportedly been involved in the early stages of Apple’s self-driving cars. While currently it seems that Apple chose to go another way, Dialog does have the capability to become a leading developer of hardware for autonomous vehicles.
  • MaxLinear (MXL) – Developing hardware such as semiconductors and radio transmitters, this American company is directing some of its efforts into developing components to serve the self-driving car industry.
  • NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) – This Dutch semiconductor manufacturer already has a strong foothold in the autonomous car industry, as it is one of the companies chosen by Chinese Baidu to help construct its driverless cars.
  • Skyworks (SWKS) – Based in the US, Skyworks Solutions has manufactured some wireless transmitters that are being used for autonomous features in current cars. The company’s experience in the field could serve as a strong foundation for its future business in the driverless car space.
  • HELLA (HLE.DE) – A well-known supplier of parts and subsystems for the automotive industry, HELLA has announced that it is strategically entering the driverless space in 2018(4).
  • EnerSys (ENS) – This battery producer has its products powering numerous cars and aerospace vehicles. As the automobile market shifts towards being driverless and electric, EnerSys could be a dominant player, producing the batteries powering these vehicles.
  • Visteon (VC) – This car electronics and computing company spun off from Ford in the year 2000. Visteon has developed a unique platform for driverless cars, which enables the car’s computer to decipher its surroundings and drive itself.

Each stock within the investment strategy’s composition is given equal allocation, and it is rebalanced by the eToro Investment Committee periodically. The minimum investment using the Driverless investment strategy is $5,000.

Investing in the self-driving car industry

It is obvious that there are numerous players and various companies operating in the driverless car space. In coming years, it is likely that more companies, both existing and new, will join the industry, while the autonomous car becomes a mass-produced, global phenomenon. As the industry takes form, eToro enables you to become part of the first wave of investors to take part in this exciting new automotive/technology sector. Using the Driverless CopyPortfolio, you can access a fully allocated, managed investment portfolio and gain exposure to the autonomous car industry.

Crypto Payments Are Here to Stay: WCDC Makes It Possible

The transition of money has been exciting, looking back. From grains to precious metals to paper, money has been all this and more. Remember the times when a bank card was a luxury, something that only the rich could possess? Today, everybody has plenty of them. And we are now witnessing the times of digital money on blockchain technology.

The evolution of money is ongoing with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Are cryptocurrencies for everyone? Are they the future of money as we know it?

Cryptocurrencies set to transform global finance

In the last decade, cryptocurrencies have been one of the most innovative technologies to be developed. Their inherent features aim to eliminate many shortcomings of fiat money. One of them is centralization, where few institutions control the production and distribution of money. Centralized control also affects cross-border money transfers as many intermediaries are involved. As a result, global transactions take days, or even weeks, to be completed.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to improve transparency, something that is dearly missing in fiat currencies. This is because unlike banks that act as intermediaries in fiat transactions, there are no third parties involved when cryptocurrencies are transferred from one point to another. Crypto transactions are validated by a network consensus and the information recorded on a shared ledger. The ledger can be accessed by anyone, thereby, improving transparency.

Lastly, cryptocurrencies have introduced a level of security not previously experienced with settlements involving fiat. Theft and fraud is a significant problem affecting traditional money. Cryptocurrencies are secure since they utilize cryptography to mask all the transactions. Therefore, even when implemented on a big scale, the threat of having to deal with fraud cases is essentially eliminated.

Current challenges

Despite their advantages, cryptocurrencies have not gained widespread adoption due to a number of key challenges. Most importantly, cryptocurrencies cannot easily be transformed into hard cash or electronic money for online payments. This is an area where fiat money has excelled. Cash in one’s bank account can easily be used for any payment. Cryptocurrencies can not.

There now exist multiple cryptocurrencies that are vying for the coveted spot as the market leader. Apart from Ether and Bitcoin, most other cryptocurrencies cannot be easily exchanged among themselves. Thus, it is even less convenient to use them for payments. A good medium of exchange as traditional currencies has to be accepted by all parties involved in the system. But it doesn’t work for crypto.

Another challenge is that there exist few stores and businesses that accept cryptocurrencies as payments. Even for those that do, they are limited to either one or two cryptocurrencies. As a result, people owning digital money find that there are fewer places where they can actually put the money to use and access products and services.

Introducing Word Credit Diamond Coin

The current challenges affecting cryptocurrencies have limited their use in a lot of potential areas. World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) is a cutting-edge project that seeks to eliminate this problem. WCDC is creating a real-world solution for spending through crypto or fiat money.

The team introduces BR Card that enables users to seamlessly convert crypto assets into fiat and vice versa. The e-wallet technology that the platform will use will ensure compatibility between fiat and cryptocurrencies. The card can then be used to facilitate a variety of purchases and transactions. The BR Card will also enable users to accumulate points for daily payments and transactions. These points can be reimbursed through an exciting rewards program.

WCDC will form strategic alliances with key players in FinTech, blockchain and related areas. It will endeavor to develop new services and solutions using its state-of-the-art infrastructure. It will also keep adding new functions to the system continues to keep in sync with market needs and customer feedback.

Cryptocurrencies are set to define the future of global finance. WCDC is helping usher in such a future by addressing key challenges affecting digital currencies today.

About the project:

World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) is enabling the next generation of e-payments using fiat and crypto. It introduces a service to manage electronic accounts, a customer loyalty and rewards program and also makes it easy for merchants to accept crypto payments. With all these features WCDC aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem that allows the use of cryptocurrency as an everyday medium of exchange.

WCDC will soon be listed on CoinSuper, one of the largest, and among the Top-10, exchanges in the world.

The project is conducting a massive Airdrop, where the first 20,000 lucky participants will get 40 WCDC tokens free. Find out more about the Airdrop campaign and how to join it in the official Telegram chat.

To learn more about the company’s innovative solutions, visit its website and keep up with the hot news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Tokenbox Platform Introduces KYC Based on Telegram Passport

Security of clients’ and investors’ data is one of the top priorities when it comes to managing crypto assets and working with sensitive personal information during a KYC procedure. As users’ verification has become mandatory for most of the crypto projects, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tokenbox and the platform’s earliest partners, KYC-provider Sum&Substance, decided to simplify and accelerate the usual process of identity and credentials check. It is now available through Telegram Passport — a single platform for verification and storage of documents based on the most popular messenger in the crypto community.

Telegram Passport is a personal identification authorization tool, which is integrated into the platform’s services. User’s personal data is encrypted with a personal key, and both are accessible only through a service that the user trusts his data with. KYC provider Sum&Substance was the first in the world to launch KYC-checks based on Telegram Passport, and Tokenbox is happy to announce the integration of the tool into the platform’s system.

In order to pass verification, the user will need to upload their data to Telegram Passport only once — photos, scans of documents, information about the place of residence. After the user’s consent, the KYC-provider will access this data, verify it and conduct the Know-Your-Customer procedure. The process will take about 1-3 minutes, and, in case of the user’s errors or poor image quality, they will receive a comment right in the Telegram interface, which will be describing the type of error.

After passing KYC once, the user will not have to upload documents for another online service again — the system will only ask for a permission to process their personal data, and the documents will be automatically sent for verification procedure.

Despite the fact that Telegram Passport stores documents in a cloud, no employees of the messenger have an access to the data. All information is stored in an encrypted form, and the access key is only available to the user. KYC provider gets access to the data only after the user’s consent. Sum&Substance complies to the most stringent data protection law — the European Directive of the GDPR.

Sum&Substance CEO Andrey Severyukhin adds: «We have rapidly become the go-to provider for KYC/AML in the ICO and blockchain sphere. We see that Telegram Passport allows blockchain to take users on board as fast as possible without sacrificing the conversion. So, we help Tokenbox keep all their customers protected in the most practical and friendly way as the blockchain industry faces a lot of scrutiny and regulation».

Tokenbox CEO Pavel Salas: “This is so far one of the most interesting and relevant updates to our platform’s services. I’ve been working in the assets management field for quite a while, and data security still tops the list of users’ vital concerns. Telegram and its creators are already famous for how they treat their users’ data, so we at Tokenbox are thrilled about the fact that together with Sum&Substance we are one of the first to introduce such convenient and safe way of identity check”.

NAGA Trader Raises the Bar for Social Trading Platforms with New Additions

Although social trading is by no means new, and with multiple brokerages increasingly adding social trading features to their product offering, NAGA Markets, and its custom NAGA Trader platform seem to have taken it a step further.  And unsurprisingly, amassing a fanatical fan base of traders, investor, and crypto-enthusiasts along the way.

NAGA Markets, the Cyprus-based broker, has set out to simplify investing, ‘empowering ordinary people to trade the global markets’ even if they have no experience at all.

With NAGA Trader, the brokerage’s proprietary social trading platform, newbie traders are provided with all the tools and features they need to be able to harness the wisdom of the community to their own benefit.

Hailed as the Facebook of online trading, NAGA Traders have their own profiles, whereby anyone within the community can view their past performance including profitable trades, preferred assets and much more. From there, it is much easier to make an informed decision as to which trader one would like to follow, copy or Auto Copy.

The Feed feature also presents users with daily news, ‘Tops and Flops’ (which assets are best/worst performing), and the most popular traders based on the number of followers and profits. Everything a trader needs to decide regarding what to trade and who to copy is found in one intact user-friendly dashboard.

More experienced traders are usually copied by others, receiving FIAT copy commissions and other rewards based on the Company’s Achievements system. Once a trader reaches the Gold Trader Achievement level, they can also apply to become a NAGA Influencer – a status with more perks and FIAT commissions.

With over 750 assets available, including CFDs on Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Gaming items and more, NAGA Trader is constantly growing its asset offering, as well as introducing new features to enhance the overall social trading experience for every investor type. Trading accounts can also be funded in cryptocurrency and very soon using the NAGA Card and IBAN.

NAGA’s latest venture into algorithmic trading through its AI-powered trading advisor NAGA CYBO is another way the disruptive fin-tech first firm wants to make NAGA Trader a platform which covers everything an investor may be looking for, including automated investment strategies.

Even more recent is the addition of curated thematic portfolios to the platform, NAGA Portfolios, whereby an investor can select which portfolio to invest in based on their risk appetite and investment horizon.

Asked about the recent additions and future plans, a NAGA Markets spokesperson stated, ‘NAGA is all about helping people turn their passion into wealth and to do this we focus on making our product and our ecosystem the best it can be by including everything an investor may be looking for – never sacrificing simplicity for the user and the social features that make NAGA Trader so unique.’

NAGA Markets delivers brokerage services around the globe, through its proprietary social trading platform NAGA Trader. NAGA Markets Ltd is a regulated financial services firm, authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under CIF License Number 204/13. More information about the Company can be found here

Broker NordFX Turns MetaTrader 5 into Unique Crypto Exchange

Thanks to the joint efforts of experts in the field of IT technologies, trading in the forex market and exchange trading, the broker company NordFX has made a breakthrough, transforming the well-known MetaTrader 5 platform into a platform for classic peer-to-peer exchange trading in cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, they have managed to keep all the advantages of MT5, including the possibility to carry out the high-quality technical analysis with the help of numerous indicators and the use of expert advisors for automatic trading.

The speed of order execution and the absence of freezing makes it possible not only to carry out long-term, medium-term or intraday trading but even to engage in scalping, earning on minor market fluctuations. This is facilitated by the integration of trading cryptocurrencies on the MT4 which has been working in NordFX for a long time, and the new MT5 into one “core”, where all clients trade exclusively with each other. At the same time, the system is completely transparent: thanks to the depth of the market, each limit order is visible to all trade participants.

Commission fees for taker-traders are minimal, and as for maker-traders, they, on the contrary, even get a remuneration for each transaction. This is quite a rare case in the market, when clients, apart from trading, can also profit from maintaining stock liquidity.

Traders can still carry out margin trading, and the range of its features has become much broader. Thus, if it is about $300 that one needs to open a position of 1 bitcoin on MetaTrader 4, just $100 is enough on MetaTrader 5.

Unlike conventional exchanges, thanks to the presence of two platforms, traders have the opportunity to apply a wide variety of trading strategies, as well as profiting not only on the growth but also on the drop of bitcoin and altcoins.

The MT5 platform in NordFX is designed exclusively for exchange crypto trading 24/7/365 without days off and holidays. There are 14 major crypto pairs, cross pairs and 4 crypto-indexes available for trading. For traditional trading, traders can use the MT4 platform, where one can also trade major fiat currencies (33 currency pairs), using a leverage of up to 1:1000.

As for other services that NordFX provides to its clients, these are investments in shares of the world’s major brands with high income and with capital protection up to 100%, investment crypto-portfolios, as well as RAMM, most modern automatic trading signal copying system.

The company’s clients are offered about15 methods to deposit or withdraw funds. The trading account can be nominated in both US dollars, and in bitcoins or Ethereums, at the client’s choice. Accordingly, apart from USD, it is possible to deposit and withdraw funds to purses in BTC and ETH.

It only takes a few minutes to open an account and to register, and it is not even required to go through verification in most cases.

The NordFX computer system has a high degree of protection: there has not been a single case of its hacking during 10 years of its work in financial markets. The company has been honored with more than 35 professional prizes and awards, among them Most Reliable Broker 2016 and 2017, Best Crypto Broker Asia 2017 and Best broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies 2018.

In total, starting in 2008, clients from more than 185 countries have opened over 1.250.000 accounts in NordFX.

Traders and investors can always contact the company’s support service for help and advice.

OctaFX to Launch new Copy Trading Feature

This feature, OctaFX Copytrading, increases overall profit potential and provides additional fund management options for all OctaFX clients.

Traders confident of their success and aiming to earn more can now become master traders by creating their own profile within the service, describing their strategy, and setting commission for their copiers. The master profile aggregates professional traders’ performance, showing it to the public and allowing them to promote it. Master traders can create separate accounts for different strategies—each of them is ranked separately. We are initially launching Copytrading for master traders on MT4, and we’ll expand it to other platforms a bit later.

To ensure the best experience for clients, OctaFX analyses their master traders’ investment history and other statistics and rates them accordingly in the master traders’ pool. The clients can also monitor master traders’ activity live, compare strategies and their effectiveness, and quickly sign up for copying in just one click. This feature is of great use for novice traders. They can easily track their master trader’s positions, learn their strategies, and estimate the risk level.

When they start with OctaFX Copytrading, clients get access to an internal e-wallet. It allows for fast and convenient fund management: making deposits and withdrawals, collecting profit from different accounts, and diversifying the portfolio. The latter implies that OctaFX clients can quickly parcel their funds between different master traders with different strategies and lower their risk, or even stop copying trades at all and collect the money in one place for withdrawal.

Copying trades from someone else is a routine feature of the retail part of the foreign exchange and stock markets. Experienced traders allow others to copy their positions automatically for a fee. The fee amount depends on the master trader. To start copying a master trader, OctaFX clients only need to create an account, add money to the e-wallet, select a trader’s positions to copy, and set the amount of the investment.

OctaFX is an STP Forex broker, providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to more than one million trading accounts, on both desktop and mobile devices. OctaFX won Best Forex ECN Broker award in 2017 and has won more than 20 other awards since its foundation. The company has also paid out over $2.5 million in bonuses. Now it runs several local and worldwide promotion campaigns with valuable prizes.