Fundamental Analysis and its Impact on the Forex Market – Webinar March 11

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Join FX Educator Bilal Jafar for the ‘Fundamental Analysis and its Impact on the Forex Market’ webinar, and discover the importance of fundamental analysis. Find out about key economic indicators, the impact of fundamental analysis on the forex market, non-economic factors affecting the markets and more. This webinar is tailor-made for experienced and beginner traders alike – register today.
Bilal Jafar is a Forex Educator with FXTM. He holds an MBA in Finance from the Institute of Business & Management, Lahore, and has over eight years of experience in the financial markets. He started his journey as a forex trader and also worked in different positions within sales and education. In 2015, he founded and began serving as the Editor of Pak Economy, one of Pakistan’s leading business and financial magazines. After working as a Business Development Manager with FXTM, he then joined the Education department to pursue his passion for sharing his forex knowledge. His diverse experience in sales, media and education gives him an extra edge that helps him better understand traders’ educational needs.