Fundamentals and Technicals: Friends or Foes? – Webinar July 16

This informative presentation offers a thorough introduction to both fundamental and technical analysis, and explores how these schools of thought can be used to interpret price movements. Participants will learn how the various asset classes are impacted by key economic and political events, as well as how historical market performance can be used to predict future trends in the market. Don’t miss on the chance to learn from our experts from the comfort of your own home! All the material presented has been approved by the Company’s Key Individual, in accordance to FSCA guidelines.


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Tan Chung Han (Han Tan) joined FXTM in January 2019 as a Market Analyst. A highly experienced financial journalist and news presenter with an in-depth understanding of the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific regions, Han will be providing valuable insights into local and international market news, as well as macroeconomic trends. Han will also act as the face of the company for these regions by providing market commentary, thereby solidifying FXTM’s reputation as a leading authority on world currency trends.

Since his graduation in 2006 from Liberty University in Virginia, USA, Han has worked for a number of national broadcasters, including Bloomberg TV Malaysia, BFM and TV3. He also reported for the popular shows Dashboard and Moving Malaysia on Bloomberg TV Malaysia. As a journalist, Han had the opportunity to interview key policymakers and industry leaders such as Cecilia Malmstrom, Malaysian politician YB Lim Kit Siang, former Malaysia Airlines CEO Peter Bellew and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. As part of the wider Bloomberg TV Malaysia team, Han was part of a network that interviewed spokespeople from the likes of Standard Chartered and HSBC. Han has also moderated panel discussion with representatives from Bank Negara Malaysia and World Bank Malaysia.

During this time as a journalist and news anchor, Han developed a sterling reputation for his incisive analysis on currencies and commodity markets.

Han will be contributing to FXTM’s award-winning Market Research and Analysis team by providing in-depth insights on global financial markets, with a focus on Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Ali Mortazavi is a Market Analyst and Trading Educator at FXTM. He has an academic background in Economics, with over five years of experience in the financial markets. Prior to joining FXTM, Ali gained invaluable career experience as a stock market analyst and macroeconomic analyst in a brokerage company. Since joining the FXTM team at the end of 2019, he has continued to pursue his passion for analysis and trading education. To date, more than 500 of Ali’s analytical interviews and articles have been published by a variety of media outlets.