TickMill Webinar December 17: Forex Trading 101 – From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero – A webinar series designed to equip beginners with the knowledge they need to get started in the world of Forex trading.

Country Manager and Educator, Rosalie Sta. Ana will be providing a comprehensive overview of the Forex Market and how you can start trading, with a series of 3 webinars.

The series includes the following sessions:

  • Session 1 | 3 December | 19:00 GMT+8 | What is Forex and how do you trade Forex?
  • Session 2 | 17 December | 19:00 GMT+8 | When can you trade Forex? Who trades Forex?
  • Session 3 | 21 January | 19:00 GMT+8 | Why trade Forex? What is Capital Adequacy?

The webinar series is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or research.