Understanding Channels and Trend Lines Webinars, 18th September

Envision driving on a dark highway during the night – this is how trading on technical analysis without the use of channels and trend lines looks like. Stratton’s amazing Chief Trading Educator, James Trescothick is here to shed some light on the use of trends and ranging markets to awesome-up this trading experience you’re embarking on.


Get to know James

 Unlike other Market Analysts and Trading Educators who make fleeting appearances and think they’ve hit the jackpot because they’ve appeared on a TV station, James is down to earth. In fact, you will join an exclusive list of traders who have had the chance to get a session with our awesome Chief Trading Educator. Not only does James (we call him “Tres” in the office) have first hand experience on some of the biggest and most active trading floors in the world, like the Philippines Stock Exchange, he’s also a prominent star speaker, both online and offline! You’re in for a productive and fun treat because James is fun, informative, knows the markets inside out, and most importantly, he is super approachable!