Alt Coins daily chart, May 02, 2018

Alt Coins drift lower on Tuesday


Bitcoin Gold fell immediately during the session on Tuesday, testing the $70 level. So far, $70 has offered a bit of support though, so we could bounce from there. If we break down below the $68 level, then I think the market will unwind to the $60 level. The $80 level above is going to be resistance, and if the buyers can turn things around, I suspect that’s the target. However, it looks as if crypto currencies are starting to struggle yet again.

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The DASH market has broken down a bit during the trading session on Tuesday, reaching as low as the $452 level before bouncing a bit. However, the $470 level has caused a bit of resistance. I think that we will probably continue to see sellers jump into this market, perhaps in an attempt to reach towards the $450 handle. Clearing that level to the downside would send the market down to the $425 level next. Rallies will struggle to break above the $500 level.


Monero markets broke down a bit during the trading session on Tuesday, breaking down towards the $230 level. That’s an area that is minor support at best, as the $200 level makes much more sense. The $250 level above is resistance, and I believe that we will continue to drift lower, as I think that as we are entering this consolidation area again, it makes sense that we go down there and try to test major support underneath. If we did break above the $260 level, that could free this market to go much higher.

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