Alt Coins daily chart, May 03, 2018

Alt Coins grind higher on Wednesday


Bitcoin Gold rallied over 4% as the Americans came on board for the session on Wednesday, reaching towards the $75 level. It looks as if the $70 level is going to continue to try to offer support, but it should be noted that if we break down below there we could very easily find ourselves reaching toward $65, and then eventually $60 after that. I think that the $80 level above is going to continue to be resistive, at least in the short term going forward. I think we are more than likely see consolidation than anything else.

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The DASH market went back and forth during the trading on Wednesday, hovering around the $475 level. Currently, I believe that the $450 level should hold as support, just as the $500 level offer significant resistance. That essentially makes this “fair value” for the DASH market, and by extension makes it is somewhat difficult market to trade until we get to one of the outer boundaries.


Monero rallied as well but didn’t gain quite as stringently as the other currencies. This is not a surprise, because Monero has been a consistent underperform her, and it looks as if the $250 level is causing a bit of a negative reaction. If we can break above that level, the market will more than likely go looking towards the $260 level next. Alternately, if we pull back it’s likely that we will find support near the $230 level as seen just a couple of sessions ago.

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BTG/USD DASH USD and XMR USD Video 03.05.18