Alt Coins weekly chart, April 23, 2018

Alt Coins rally significantly during the previous week


Bitcoin Gold rallied a bit during the week, gaining quite a bit too overcome the $60 level. I think that short-term pullback should continue to be buying opportunities and it now looks as if the Bitcoin Gold market is ready to go to the $80 level. Above there, we could go to the $100 level. This is more of an investment than a trade, so be cautious about over leveraging this market, and simply add on short-term pullbacks unless of course we were to break down below the $40 level.

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The DASH market pulled back slightly during the week but found enough bullish pressure to break above the $400 level, reaching towards the $440 level. I think that the market is going to try to break above the shooting star from a month ago, which means that if we can clear the $475 level, the DASH market could reach towards the $600 level next. I think we are starting to see a bit of a floor in the crypto currency markets, and that the buyers may be ready to get involved again and continue a larger uptrend. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, just that the buyers are starting to show themselves again.


Monero rallied a bit during the week, initially pulling back but then finding enough support underneath to break towards the $250 level. By doing so, that’s a very bullish sign and I think that the market should continue to go higher. Ultimately, I think that we could go to the $365 level above, which was massive resistance previously. I think that the $150 level is now a bit of a floor.

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