Alt Coins daily chart, April 19, 2018

Alt Coins show signs of life during Wednesday session


Bitcoin Gold rallied during the trading session on Wednesday, breaking above the $53 level, but has pulled back to test that area as support. I also believe that the $55 level above will be resistance, and if we can break above there I think that the market should continue to go towards the $60 level, and I believe that the $50 level underneath is the “floor” in the market now that we have broken above that area, tested it, and then rallied again.

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The DASH market has rallied during the trading on Wednesday, breaking towards the $400 level. By doing so, it looks as if we’re going to try to continue going higher, and a clearance of the $400 level allows the market to go looking towards the $425 level. Pullbacks should continue to find support down to the $360 level, and I think that it’s only a matter of time before DASH continues to go higher. The $500 level will be the target, but I also recognize that this market will be driven by what’s going on in Bitcoin and Ethereum. I anticipate that there will be a lot of volatility, but ultimately it looks as if you are cautious, you can add slowly.


Monero exploded to the upside, reaching towards the $232 level, but then pulled back a bit. It looks likely that there should be plenty of support underneath, extending down to the $200 level. That’s an area that was previous resistance, it should now be support.

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