Alt Coins weekly chart, April 30, 2018

Alt Coins show signs of a struggle during the week


Bitcoin Gold initially tried to rally during the week but rolled over to form a shooting star. The shooting star of course is a very negative sign, showing signs of exhaustion. I think that breaking below the bottom of the candle could send this market much lower, perhaps reaching towards the $40 level underneath. The alternate scenario is that we break above the top of the shooting star and clear the $100 level, that could send this market towards the $150 level. However, things don’t look positive currently.

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The Dash market tried to rally during the week but showed signs of extreme exhaustion near the $600 level. By doing so, we ended up forming a shooting star and that is a very negative sign. I believe that the market is ready to roll over, perhaps reaching down towards the $400 level, and then possibly and the $300 level after that. I believe that the market could continue to be very noisy, but it seems as if the sellers are starting to step in and take over again. Beyond that, the strengthening US dollar continues to put bearish pressure here as well.


Monero markets rallied during the week, reaching towards the $300 level but found enough exhaustion to turn around and form a shooting star. The shooting star being broken to the downside, and the $250 level being broken should send this market down to the $200 level next. I think that Monero is very vulnerable as it has been an under performer recently, and of course we are testing the middle of the Bollinger Bands indicator, which is also a cell signal.

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