AUD/USD Price Forecast – Australian Dollar Continues Relentless Much Higher

The Australian dollar has rallied quite significantly during the trading session on Wednesday to break above the 0.70 level yet again. That is an area that has been crucial for some time, but we have not made a fresh, new high, nor have we cleared the 0.71 level, something that would be the truth signal that the market is ready to take off to the upside. With that in mind, although the Australian dollar looks very bullish at the moment, and clearly of the US dollar is on its back foot in general, the reality is that it is difficult to break through this area because it has been important historically. If we can break above the 0.71 handle, then it is likely that this market plows much higher, perhaps all the way to the 0.80 level over the longer term.

AUD/USD Video 16.07.20

At this point, the market was to turn around a break below the 0.70 level again, it would show just how resilient the selling pressure is, but again, if we can break above the 0.71 level then I think it becomes more of a “buy-and-hold” scenario. I am a bit surprised that we slice through the 0.70 level the way we did, but at the end of the day I believe it comes down to the Federal Reserve liquefying the markets, and of course punishing the US dollar in the process. At this point though, one would have to think that if we start to freak out again, this place will be one of the first markets they get sold off.

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