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Bounce in Gold Complete: $1620s Next?

Two weeks later, in the follow-up update, see here, I confirmed this thesis and narrowed the bounce target to $1820+/-20. Gold rallied to as high as $1798 on April 21, 22, and has since started to decline. See Figure 1 below. Gold June 21 contracts are currently trading at $1767/ounce (not shown in Figure 1).

Figure 1. GOLD daily chart with detailed EWP count and technical indicators.

Did the bounce complete, and is the next move lower underway?

The thick dotted orange arrows in Figure 1 show the path I anticipated in early March. Besides the late-March double bottom, GOLD has followed along remarkably well. If the Bears can push the price back down $1745, the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) increases the odds for a retest of $1680-1620, with $1620 preferred based on simple symmetry (C=A: black dotted arrows).

The aforementioned double bottom does present a bit of a twist. It can mean the entire correction has already been completed and blue wave-V to the low- to mid-2000s is already underway (exemplified by the blue dotted line). But for now, I consider this option lower odds, as it would require

  1. A daily close back above the 200-day SMA (now at $1857)
  2. A daily close back above the upper grey trend line of the downtrend channel GOLD has been in since late July last year.

Thus, there’s plenty of upside left (~25%) when GOLD checks the above two boxes, and I instead prefer to enter low risk, high odds trades than high-risk, low odds trades.

Back to the preferred view. The by now nine months’ long correction (!) GOLD has been subjected to, is, in EWP-terms, called a double zigzag (see here). Incredibly complex and frustrating, as I’ve had to navigate my Premium Members for many months through very erratic downward sloping price action. But now the end appears near, and my Premium Members are gearing up to buy GOLD. Are you ready too?!

Bottom line: The in early-March anticipated bounce may have completed $2 (0.11%) below the ideal target zone last week. It is hard to get more accurate than this six weeks in advance. Regardless, if the Gold Bugs are not careful, GOLD should drop one last time to ideally $1680-1620 before staging a multi-month rally to new all-time highs. Conversely, this rally has already started, but the market has not given us the all-clear signal that is indeed the case.