Crude Oil weekly chart, January 28, 2019

Commodities Daily Forecast – April 5, 2019


The gold prices pulled back during Thursday’s session reaching down towards the $1280 level as the USD picked up a bit of steam. The 200 Day EMA underneath continues to offer massive support to the market and pullbacks like such will continue to be a nice buying opportunity. With job figures releasing today, the market will remain volatile and trade around the important level. …Read More


The silver prices rolled over a bit during yesterday’s session, reaching down towards the $15 level. In the long term, the market continues to look extremely positive and such pullbacks will offer nice value to the market. Due to job figures, which is expected later today, the silver prices will remain volatile with $15 level as a strong support. …Read More

WTI Crude Oil

The crude oil prices continue to struggle to break above the $62.50 level as the market is looking for a bit of push. The US job figures are releasing later today could be a catalyst, if favourable numbers are reported. The $60 level now should essentially be the floor of this market and is likely to attract buyers around. …Read More

Natural Gas

The natural gas market drifted lower during yesterday’s session, reaching down towards the $2.60 level. The natural gas market continues to be extremely bearish and rallies will continue to offer nice selling opportunity in the market. The $2.60 level underneath is strong support in the market which extends down to the $2.50 level, and a break below could send the prices towards $2.25 level. …Read More