Commodity Supercycle Sets New Record Highs – Where Next For Prices?

Commodities are currently on an unstoppable run with everything from the metals, energies to agriculture markets setting new record highs as the supercycle firmly gathers pace.

Last week, a wide number of commodities blasted through all-time highs.

Aluminium prices soared to 13-year highs. Nickel prices hit 7-year highs and Uranium prices surged to 9-year highs – surpassing a record 6-year high, set only a week ago.

The bullish momentum also split over into other commodities with Natural Gas rallying to a 7-year high. Sugar prices hitting 4-year highs and Lithium prices climbing to an all-time record high.

In total 27 Commodities ranging from the metals, energies to soft commodities have tallied up double to triple digit gains within the in the past year.

Uranium, Natural Gas and Lithium prices are up 219%, 240% and 215%, respectively.

But the best performing commodity, so far this year, is Crude Oil.

Crude Oil prices have quadrupled this year and are setting new record highs almost every month. Crude Oil prices are currently up over 287% from their 2020 lows.

There are plenty of reasons why commodities are on the move, but the key driver is rapidly surging global inflation, tightening supply, logistical bottlenecks and booming demand across many highly essential commodities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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