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Ethereum Breaks $2,000 per Coin While BTC Returns to $60,000

This week Ethereum has risen by 25%, gaining 5% today alone bringing Ethereum to a new all-time high and cracking $2,000 for the first time. Bitcoin has returned to $60,000 and all though its not a new record considering the fact that it had been trading at around $6,000 one year ago a 10x annual price appreciation is nothing to sneer at.

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Ethereum now looks poised to take on $2,100 and I am expecting as high as $2,400 by the end of April. This should be accompanied by a new record high in BTC as the two tend to move in synchromism.

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The top two cryptos have also seen a decrease in volatility an aspect that makes investors more confident and has the possibility to bring in new ones. The Fact that Bitcoin futures never once broke below $50,000 after moving above this price point seven weeks ago. The two juggernauts of the digital currency revolution have certainly proven that they are not only here to stay but here to grow along the way.

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