Ethereum: Has the Run to $9000 Started?!

Almost two weeks ago, see here, I showed Ethereum (ETH), was according to the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP) in “[red] wave-v of [black] major wave-c of blue Primary-IV,” which “should ideally target between $1445-1850.” ETH bottomed on May 23rd at $1736. Right smack in the middle of my ideal (black) target zone. See Figure 1 below. It has since rallied and is now trading at $2750s—a 58% rise.

Figure 1. ETH daily EWP count and technical indicators.

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Long-term upside potential outweighs short-term downside risk

Last week I showed my Premium Crypto Trading Members ETH should ideally bottom around $2010-2325, and on Sunday, May 30th, it bottomed at $2275. Again, right smack in the middle of my ideal (orange) target zone. See Figure 1 above.

With two out of two forecasts correct, the EWP is once again an accurate and reliable forecasting tool. But then I always become wary as the winning streak always ends at some point. I.e., most analysts -including me- are right about 65-75% of the time.

However, if ETH can rally above the $2920 high made last week, without dropping below Sunday’s low first ($2275) and especially not below $1736, then it has great potential for the ideal impulse wave count as shown in Figure 1, and Blue Primary wave-V should then ideally target $8600-9200.

Primary-v will as shown, subdivide into five smaller (black) major waves. I have annotated where each of those waves should ideally top and bottom. Now we will let the market dictate if it wants to follow this typical Fibonacci-based impulse pattern or potentially go beyond those, i.e., extend. Wave-extensions can never be forecasted, only anticipated.

Bottom line: Two weeks ago, I correctly concluded, based on the EWP, “the downside risk from current levels is still almost 50% ($2700 vs. $1850-1445).” But also mentioned, “upside potential from current levels is now most likely 500+%.” ETH bottomed at $1736 and is up over 50% since. Suppose it can stay above critical downside levels, i.e., the lows made over the last two weeks and breakout above $2920 going forward. In that case, it has the potential to move to ideally $4400-4600 for wave-1 of wave-V, drop to $2800-3400 for wave-2 of wave-V and then rally to as high as $9200 for wave-5 of wave-V. From there, a multi-month correction will start.

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