Forex Trading Signals - September 05, 2017

EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – September 25, 2017


The upward momentum in the market continued through the day on Friday but got resistance at the 1.20 level to cross over and fell lower sightly. The 1.20 level has been the area of concern for the market for a long time and needs a strong momentum to cross over.┬áThe market has a strong support level below at 1.1850 level and if it breaks below then the next support will be at 1.15 level. The long-term view of the pair is positive with a target of 1.25. …Read More


The pair initially went in a sideways direction but pulled back towards the 1.35 level in Friday’s session. The area around the 1.35 is providing strong support to the pair. If the pair breaks above the 1.3650 level with strong momentum then 1.40 will be the next target for the market. The volatility in the market is likely to persist as both the currency are going through a lot of news action. …Read More


The AUD is going through a lot of noise recently, forcing the pair to move sharply in both the directions. The pair shot up towards the 0.7975 level during Friday’s session as the market gold market is trying to get some type of floor. Right now, the AUD is highly influenced by the gold prices and if the gold market stays in the positive territory then the AUD will eventually break above the 0.80 level. Buying on dips will be the right strategy to play this market. …Read More


The market was volatile in the Friday’s session but found enough support near the 112 level to retain above the level. The market looks very positive as the hawkish view from the Fed has improved the market sentiments. Any short-term pullbacks in the market will be an excellent buying opportunity. The risk on factors will aid the market higher towards the 114.50 level in the short to medium-term horizon. …Read More