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February Trades and Results

S&P Shorts 3958 achieved lows 8 days later at 3784 for +174 points. A short-only strategy was offered due to severely overbought prices and the 3500 target. Thes best and easiest trade was entered immediately. 

Gold short 1815 to target 1728 achieved 87 points 3 days later and Gold then traded 1736 to 1705. The best and easiest of the trade was taken and achieved for profit. 

DXY informed 91.43 to 89.95 range and trades at severe monthly average lows. 89.95 broke to 89.68 then traded back to 89.95 to 91.43 range. 

EUR/USD day trade long target 1.2141 achieved its destination perfectly then profit was gained for shorts. 

GBP/JPY 148.31 break and trades to 150.11 for 180 pips. 

Weekly and daily trades are offered vital levels to price paths to monitor and watch trades unfold and to take profits anywhere along the way. 

Double trade to EUR/USD and USD/JPY matched perfectly to each pair’s respective levels for multiple longs and shorts. 

Weekly EUR/USD short 1.2168 to target 1.2063 achieved entry and destinations perfectly for 105 pips. The daily trade matched perfectly to the weekly short entry. 

Informed to trade news announcements correctly for profit. 

DAX day trade +66 points. S&P’s day trade +25 points. Many DAX and S&P’s 24 Hour and day trades offered and profited. 

GBP/USD day trade for multiple longs and shorts +139 pips. 

USD/ZAR +2064 Pips. 

USD/RUB +49 pips. 

EUR/CAD +150 pips. 

RBNZ Yield curve presented and NZD/USD factored prices along the yield curve. 

Interest rates, long-term vital levels, 5, 10, and 15 year averages, and weekly view to multiple currencies. 

Education offered and remains constant over years.  

Trades begin at entry and end at target therefore no stops, charts nor market bantam is required. We get the job done quickly and easily. 

How we doing. Very well and very profitable.  And this is only February.