FTSE 100 Future Looking to Join the 7000 Party!!

A surge higher to end the week with the FTSE 100 cash hitting another new record high and through the psychological 7000 level.

The futures market still waiting to join the party and push through 6995/7000, the all-time high from 1999 and psychological/option target.

However, the strong recovery effort ahead of 6614.5 over the past week has re-energized the bull theme and leaves risk for a more aggressive extension into late March.

For Today:

  • We see an upside bias for 6995/7000, maybe 7023.
  • But below 6940 aims for 6923 and the trend line (6914), which we would look to try to hold.


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FTSE 100 Future Looking to Join the 7000 Party!! Quarterly FTSE 100 Future Chart[/caption]


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