GBP/JPY Price Forecast – British Pound Fails to Break Through Resistance.

The British pound has rallied a bit during the trading session on Wednesday, but continues to struggle with the ¥142.50 level, as we have pulled back significantly from that level. Nonetheless, this is a market that will continue to be supported underneath, as there are plenty of buyers on dips from everything that we have seen. The more, I do think that the “risk on trade” will probably continue to be the favored one, but we have a lot of work above that we need to get through.

The ¥140 level underneath continues to be rather important from not only a large, round, psychological important figure standpoint, but the fact that it has previously been both structurally supportive as well as resistive. Because of this, I think that we probably get a short-term pullback towards that area before we may get a bit of extended buying pressure. The 50 day EMA sits just below the ¥140 level as well, so that makes that area interesting from that standpoint. Furthermore, the trend has clearly been to the upside when it comes to the British pound in general, so there is no need in fighting that.

It appears that the trend is trying to build up enough momentum to go to the upside even further, so even though this candlestick suggests that we are going to fall in the short term, I do not like the idea of shorting this pair, rather I think that we are more than likely going to continue to see a deaf opportunities to buy the dip that it is exactly what we should be doing over the longer term.

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