GBP/USD Price Forecast – British Pound Struggles to Hang On to Gains Against Greenback

The British pound initially tried to rally during the trading session on Friday, just as it did on Thursday. However, just as we had seen on Thursday, the sellers overwhelmed the pair, and the British pound cannot hang on to gains. It looks at this point that the market is going fully into a “risk off” type of situation. I believe also that the British pound is suffering not only due to the fact that the global markets are complete mess, but the fact that the never-ending source of tension between the UK and the EU continues. Ultimately, I do think that the greenback is a bit oversold against most currencies, but the British pound will probably continue to be a little bit more insulated.

GBP/USD Video 02.03.20

If we break down below the 1.28 handle, it very well could open up the door to at least the 200 day EMA. At this point, it’s likely that the market would have a serious fight on his hand to determine the direction of the trend overall pair the market turning around and recapturing the 1.30 level though would be rather bullish and showed just how strong the British pound is in general. At that point, I would anticipate that the basing pattern would be somewhat completed, and we should go looking towards 1.35 handle. However, as things are starting to develop on the coronavirus front and the massive amount of money going into the US bond markets, that’s looking less likely by the day.