GBPUSD 24 Hour vs Day Trade March 2 2021

If central banks are trading in the markets with today’s day trade or for the past 11 hours since the post of the 24 hour trade then central banks are short and long at my exact levels. Correctly stated, we are short and long at the central bank levels as offered freely every trade day.  Any entries, targets,ranges,  levels, tops or bottoms outside of this context is wrong. 

At 4:15 yesterday, GBP/USD was located here: 1.3853, 1.3862, 1.3871, 1.3880, 1.3886 1.3889, 1.3898, 1.3906, 1.3914.

Then 1.3928, 1.3932, 1.3941, 1.3950, 1.3959, 1.3967, 1.3976, 1.3985, 1.3994

Within the past 24 hours, GBP/USD ranged from 1.3931 to 1.3865 or 66 pips and ranges held. For 1.3965 was bottom to 1.3853 and jumped 28 pips. This trade was safe and guaranteed to profit. 

The overall goal of day trades is extra pips for the week as we trade multiple longs and shorts for 18 weekly trades. Therefore, grab extra pips and exit with additional profits. 

For 1.3931 short was located here: Most Vital: 1.3871 and 1.3886 Vs 1.3959 and 1.3994. Ugly at the top as best trade was short at 1.3959 at minimum. 

Note 1.3865 and 1.3931 as both are odd numbers. Markets are trading on odd numbers and it generally means markets are not perfect as they are when even numbers trade. For 1.3931 fell inside 2 even numbers at 1.3928 and 1,.3932 and 1.3865 traded between 1.3862 to 1.3871. When markets trade on even numbers then the levels  hit exactly. So 1.3865 would’ve traded directly to 1.3862 or 1.3871 or 1.3862 would’ve broke to 1.3853 and a perfect long. 

Now we match the day trade to the 24 hour trade. Dominant is the day trade because we have new and perfect day trade entries, levels and targets for multiple longs and shorts. 

GBP/USD Day Trade

1.3822, 1.3830, 1.3839, 1.3848, 1.3854, 1.3857, 1.3865, 1.3872, 1.3878, 1.3885

Above: 1.3900, 1.3909, 1.3918, 1.3927, 1.3935, 1.3944, 1.3953 and 1.3962. 

Most Vital: 1.3839 and 1.3854 Vs 1.3827 and 1.3962. 

The 24 hour bottom was located at 1.3853. Todays support is located at 1.3854 and bottom drops 31 pips to 1.3822. The top at 1.3994 drops to 1.3962 or 32 pips. The change in 12 hours is 30 ish pips. Also 1.3939 becomes a new support built into today’s trade. 

Note also, 1.3900. market writers insert a big deal to such 00 numbers as important but its just a number within a series of numbers and contains no relevance. 

A few vital reference points are excluded purposefully for exact trades however for this context today, short tops, long bottoms as ranges will hold. What will occur until 4:15 for 24 hour end is the day trade will hold.