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Higher CPI Should Boost More Than Just Gold Prices

BTC futures hit a high of $62,000 before backing off slightly. As of 4 PM, EST BTC is trading at approximately $60,500. This marks the first close above $60,000 for Bitcoin futures, and I believe we will see $65,000 by week’s end.

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The consumer price index is set to be released tomorrow at 8:30 EST, and the expectations are mixed, but it would make complete sense if it continued to climb. January 2021, the U.S. CPI was at 262.231. February was the last month to be released, and it hit an all-time high in the index of 263.161. With the March numbers set to be released tomorrow, we could see a BTC price spike if it continues its current trend higher.

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Usually, a higher CPI rate was good for gold, and it still is; however, I believe we will see more capital move into Bitcoin than into gold on inflationary fears. So, a spike in the Consumer Price Index tomorrow could quickly catapult Bitcoin futures towards $65,000.

As ETH follows moves in Bitcoin, expect a rise in Ether also, so traders who took our call last week to buy should remain long with stops at $1,900.

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