Important CHF Pairs’ Technical Checks: 30.05.2018


Even if immediate descending trend-line restricts the USDCHF’s near-term upside, the pair is yet to conquer more than three-month old upward slanting TL, at 0.9855 now, in order to stretch its latest pullback towards 0.9810 and then to the 0.9785, comprising 50-day SMA. Given the seller’s refrain to respect the 0.9785 mark, the 0.9720 and the 200-day SMA level of 0.9700 can appear on the chart. Should the 0.9855 trend-line number triggers the pair’s U-turn, the 0.9900, the 0.9930 and the 0.9955 are likely adjacent resistances that can be aimed while being long but the 0.9980 may confine the quote’s advances afterwards. If at all the pair manages to surpass 0.9980 TL, the 1.0000, the 1.0020 and the 1.0055 could entertain the Bulls ahead of luring them with 61.8% FE level of 1.0145.


CHFJPY’s recovery from 109.15-20 has to clear the 110.25-30 and the 110.80 resistances to justify its strength in targeting the 111.55 trend-line barrier. However, pair’s ability to trade successfully beyond 111.55 can fuel it to 112.00 and 112.30 whereas 100-day SMA level of 112.55 may limit its further rise. On the contrary, a D1 close below 109.15 could fetch prices down to 108.45 with 61.8% FE level of 107.60 being follow-on rest-point to watch. Additionally, pair’s sustained south-run beneath the 107.60 could open the gate for its plunge to 106.90 & 106.40 levels.


Alike USDCHF, the CADCHF is also testing the support-line, herein it is 0.7600-0.7595 horizontal-zone, which signals brighter chances for the pair’s confrontation to 50-day SMA level of 0.7635 and the 0.7660, including 200-day SMA. If buyers manage to ignore 0.7660 hurdle, they can look for 0.7710 and the 0.7735 resistances. Meanwhile, a downside close below 0.7595 on a daily basis increases the importance of 0.7575 and the 0.7550 figure, encompassing 100-day SMA. Also, pair’s extended declines below 0.7550 might not hesitate flashing 0.7500 as a quote.