In The Eyes of the Experts – 30/1/2012

What is this report?

In the morning the experts meet in the dealing room in order to prepare themselves for another trading day. They read the business press, and note relevant economic announcements expected during the day. They also consider the support and resistance lines and discuss the important rates in the major pairs; they indicate which pairs may strengthen and those which could weaken. Afterwards they wish everyone a successfully day of trading and turn on the computer screens…

Below you can find pairs the experts assume may be strengthen and weaken during the trading day; support and resistance lines relevant to the day’s trading and critical time for trading each day (important news etc.).

Currencies to watch for Long:

  • JPY
  • USD


Currencies watch for Short:

  • EUR
  • NZD
  • AUD


Today’s important times (GMT+2):

  • 23:45 –NZD


Important rates: 

Pair R2 R1 Pivot S1 S2
EURUSD    1.3026    1.3118    1.3166    1.3260    1.3310   
GBPUSD 1.5606 1.5670 1.5704 1.5769 1.5802
USDJPY 76.11 76.39 76.92 77.220 77.73
USDCHF 0.9051 0.9088 0.9158 0.9195 0.9264
USDCAD 0.9958 0.9982 1.0011 1.0036 1.0065
AUDUSD 1.0561 1.0608 1.0638 1.0686 1.0716

One thought on “In The Eyes of the Experts – 30/1/2012”

  1. Hi Nir= Thanks for the insight– it seems to be holding true for today so far–

    PS = I think the SUP- RES under “important rates” are inversed.. I know you guys do that just to see if anyones paying attention.
    Have a great Day

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