Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis Jan. 25, 2012, Forecast

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Natural Gas opened this Tuesday at 2.651 and rallied early in the day hitting a high of 2.703 and decling to close the day at 2.587 below the open. There was a huge rally of buyers jumping into the market on yesterdays news that Chesapeake Energy had cut their production quota for 2012 until it was more economically feasible to produce. This news brought on a rally from 2.32 to the high today of 2.703, when investors who bought several days ago and the bottom were able to sell of for profits, well done.

Weather patterns still hold and the unseasonably warm winter is coming to a close. Natural Gas will most likely fall back to the bottom of last week of 2.32 as the rally fades.

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  1. It may sound crazy but the Farmers Almanec long range weather forecast shows a bitter cold Feb/March making it an extra long winter. I am going with the 80-85% record that they have.

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