NZD/USD Fundamental Analysis Jan.20, 2012 Forecast

Close of  the Asian Session

Economic Events:

There are no economic events  or reports expected to effect the kiwi today.

Analysis and Recommendation:

Levels of Support and Resistance can be found today at:

S:            0.7912   0.7956   0.7994  
R:            0.8076   0.812     0.8158

NZD/USD is trading at 0.8014 down from the opening at .8044 which was the high for the day.

The pair will remain quiet and just continue to track the EU crisis, making a blip up and down on the news of the day.

The US jobs data is due out on Thursday morning ( US Eastern Time ), if the reports come out over forecast, the USD could rally pushing the kiwi down and waking up this pair. At this time, the data is expected to be at forecast levels, but like earlier in AUD, the data can surprise, if the data is bad, the USD will sink.

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