Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Show Signs of Exhaustion

Silver markets have gotten a bit overextended during the trading session again on Monday, giving back some of the gains. Ultimately, this is a market that I think needs to find either some type of stability, or some type of value in order to continue the uptrend. I do believe that longer-term we are going higher but that huge candlestick from last week I think is defining the range right now. That means that $26 on the top will be the ceiling, while the basement is closer to the $22.55 level. All things being equal though, I do think that at the very least we need to cool off a bit and pull back in order to consolidate, or perhaps even break down a bit from here.

SILVER Video 04.08.20

Either way, I have no interest whatsoever in trying to short this market, as it is far too strong. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve continues to work against the value of the greenback and that of course works for the silver market itself. If that is going to be the case, then I believe that silver is going to go much higher over the longer term, but we may have simply just run out of momentum for the short term. That is okay, the market can go straight up in the air forever so it makes quite a bit of sense that we would have to give back some here. Being patient will be the best way to trade this market, as chasing the trade right now would be very dangerous.

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