S&P 500 Weekly Price Forecast – S&P 500 Continuing Upward Trajectory

S&P 500 traders have been bullish for quite some time, and even though this week has been a bit quiet, it should be noted that we did pierce the 4400 level, which of course is a relatively bullish sign. The same standard playbook applies to this market, simply that we should be buying dips as the Federal Reserve will continue to keep monetary policy very loose for the foreseeable future, the same thing they have been doing over the last 13 years since the Great Financial Crisis.

S&P 500 Video 02.08.21

There is a nice uptrend line underneath, and of course the 4200 level should offer support. After that, I see the 4000 level as the “floor the market” as there will be a lot of options barriers there, and of course is large, round, psychologically important figures tend to attract a lot of attention. Furthermore, we also have the 50 week EMA racing towards that area and of memory serves me correct, the 200 day EMA is currently sitting right around the same area as well.

To the upside, I think the 4500 level will offer a little bit of hesitation, as it is a big figure, but ultimately this pair does tend to move in 200 point increments, thereby having me target the 4600 level over the next several weeks. Keep in mind that August does tend to be very quiet so do not be surprised at all to see this more of a grind than anything else or even the possibility of a bit of sideways trading. Once September hits, traders come back to work and the momentum start picking up yet again.

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