Technical Update For USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, CHF/JPY & CAD/CHF: 05.12.2018

Technical Update For USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, CHF/JPY & CAD/CHF: 05.12.2018


With nearly 100-pip range between 1.0010-05 and 0.9920-15 aptly limiting the USDCHF moves, the pair is presently expected to revisit the 0.9950 rest-point ahead of testing the 0.9915 range-support for one more time. However, pair’s drop beneath the 0.9915 can quickly fetch it to 0.9885 and the 0.9860 marks ahead of highlighting the 0.9845 as a support. Meanwhile, an upside clearance of 1.0010 could propel the quote to 1.0050 and then to the 1.0080 resistances whereas pair’s successful trading beyond 1.0080 enables it to aim for 1.0100 and the 1.0130 numbers to north.


Failure to surpass a month-long descending trend-line again drags the EURCHF to 1.1300-1.1295 support-zone, which if broken may further weaken it towards 1.1270 & 1.1260. Though, sellers’ refrain to respect the 1.1260 might not hesitate flashing 61.8% FE level of 1.1225 on the chart. Alternatively, aforementioned TL can keep restricting the pair’s near-term advances at 1.1345, breaking which the 1.1360, the 1.1400 and another resistance-line around 1.1415 may play their roles of resistances. Given the pair’s ability to cross 1.1415 barrier, it can then rise to 1.1435 & 1.1470 figures.


CHFJPY’s bounce off the 113.00-112.95 rest-region can help it target the 113.50 and the 113.75 resistances but the 113.95-114.00 may challenge buyers afterwards. Assuming the pair’s sustained rally above 114.00, the 114.20, the 114.40 and the 61.8% FE level of 114.60 could entertain Bulls. If at all prices slide below 112.95, an ascending support-line stretched since late-October might confine additional downturn at 112.70, if not then 112.40 & 112.10 could become Bears’ favorites. Moreover, pair’s extended declines past-112.10 opens the door for its plunge to 111.85 & 111.50.


Even if 0.7580-85 acts as a strong resistance-area for the CADCHF, pair’s downside may find it hard to last longer than 0.7470-65. In case the quote dips beneath 0.7465, the 0.7440, the 0.7415 and the 0.7395 can appear on pessimists radars. On the contrary, 0.7555 may cap the pair’s immediate recovery before diverting market attention to 0.7580-85. Should the pair crosses 0.7585 hurdle, the 0.7625 and the 0.7645 are likely following numbers to grab limelight.