Support and Resistance Levels

Tuesday Support and Resistance Levels – June 6, 2017

Euro/Dollar has seen both ups and downs, but it currently stands below R1 of 1 1290 and above S1 of 1 1260.

Price Channel Indicator Upper Line is among the 6 models for R1, while R2 counts Bollinger Upper Band among its 2 studies. A 12 month high is the only match for R3. Standing near a former 6 month high, S1 sees 8 confirmations. S2 is a 20 day moving average with 5 studies, and S3 counts a psychological level as its one and only model.
The Cable has gained some ground, and it now trades between R1 of 1 2940 and S1 of 1 2910.
The lowest resistance line sees 5 confirmations. R3 is backed up by Price Channel Indicator Upper Line, a 6 month high and 2 other studies, while R3 has found a single match, and it is a psychological level. S2 leads in support with 8 models. S3 is confirmed by Bollinger Lower Band, Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, a 50 day moving average and 4 other technicals, while S1 is a 20 day moving average with 5 studies.
Dollar/Yen has steadily been trending South, currently trading in the range limited by R1 of 110 and S1 of 109 50.
Standing at a 50 day moving average, R2 is well confirmed with 13 models. R1 is a psychological level with 3 studies, whereas a 150 day moving average is the only match for R3. The upper two support lines see 2 confirmations each, including Bollinger Lower Band for S1 and a 6 month low for S2. Standing at another psychological level, S3 has found a single match.
And Dollar/Swiss Franc has the closest levels of 0 9650 in resistance and 0 9620 in support.
R2 is the most confirmed resistance line with 10 studies, and R1 has found 6 matches. R3 is a major psychological level with 2 models. Price Channel Indicator Lower Line is among the 7 studies for S1. S2 is supported by Bollinger Lower Band, a 12 month low and another model, while S3 counts another psychological level as its only confirmation.

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