USD Is Giving Up the Latest Gains

The SP500 is in all-time-highs. Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

The Dow Jones is inside a flag formation, close to all new all-time-highs.

Gold is possibly trying to create the right shoulder of the inverted Head and Shoulders patterns, but it may only be wishful thinking.

The EURUSD on the other hand is definitely drawing a right shoulder.

The EURCHF is heading higher and aiming for the upper line of the flag, after a bounce from an ultra-strong support.

The GBPUSD is in bouncing from a crucial horizontal resistance, continuing the negative sentiment.

The EURGBP is inside a falling wedge pattern, a breakout to the upside quite probable.

The EURNZD has continued to drop after a false bullish breakout.

The GBPCHF, on the other hand, is in a fresh false breakout pattern with a great potential for a further huge slide.

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