USD/CHF Fundamental Analysis January 16, 2012, Forecast

Economic Events

Jan. 16






Highest: 1.1664 CHF on 07 Jun 2010.

Average: 0.9699 CHF over this period.

Lowest: 0.7224 CHF on 09 Aug 2011.


USD/CHF: The pair tends to break to an all-time low, then range back to the previous low. The ranges are very distinct. A break to the upside will likely meet another previous low. Pair are reliable.

The late breaking story affecting the currency markets is the S&P potential downgrades of many european countries including France. Towards the closing of the European Markets, a spokesman, said that France had been notified of a downgrade, but no details have been given and no verification.

The Swiss Franc should remain strong against all EU currencies, and there should be upswing in the USD as more investors move to safe haven currencies.

Right now, we are looking at points of support at 93.65 and resistance at 95.00. With a downward trend.

The USD/CHF is at,  2012 Jan 13 7:36 GMT 094.159 at the close of the european session.

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