USD/CHF Technical Analysis September 6, 2011

USD/CHF is a pair that has many different forces interacting at one time to persuade its movement. The purple trend line on the chart is the weekly one, and you can see it repelled the bulls in this pair a few days ago. However, the Friday candle was a hammer right at a gap. This pair has a central bank, the Swiss National Bank, pushing it higher with various strategies as well. With the massive trend pushing down, and the SNB pushing up – it isn’t surprising that we are seeing so many conflicting signals at one time. A breaking of the 0.83 level has us both past the trend line and major resistance. We are a long way from there, but it really would take that to clear all the hurdles ahead of it. A breaking of Friday’s lows gets the bears back in control, but only until 0.7500 where we expect a lot of support. Also, the SNB could intervene in several different ways at any time. Because of this, the USD/CHF pair isn’t high on our list of favorite pairs at the moment.

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