What Does Biden’s $1 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan Mean For Silver Prices?

The executive order is part of Biden’s broader $1 trillion Green Energy and Infrastructure spending plan, to transform the economy and firmly position the United States an industry leader the Electric Vehicle market.

Electric Vehicles currently represent 2% of total global vehicle sales and are forecast to exceed 25% of total sales by 2030 – that’s a whopping 1150% increase in growth by the end decade.

Biden’s Electric Vehicle revolution, ultimately means that the U.S is going to need more commodities.

Specifically industrial metals including: Copper, Palladium, Platinum, Lithium, Nickel and rare earth metals for batteries and renewable energy technology. Above all, it needs Silver – and lots of it.

Silver is a key component in President Biden’s ambitious $1 trillion dollar plan – as it will go into the Electric Vehicles, as well as the batteries, fuel cells and plug-in charging stations to power them – as well as the cables connecting new wind turbines and solar farms to the electric powered grid.

Currently, Silver prices are trading near $25 an ounce, which presents an incredible opportunity for traders to gain exposure in the metal before it really takes off.

Goldman Sachs see silver prices rising to $33 an ounce in H2 2021, boosted both investment and industrial demand for the precious metal – and our research suggests similar.

In my opinion, Silver is still definitely the best trade right now and any substantial pullbacks should be viewed as buying opportunities.

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