Will Silver Prices See A Massive Short Squeeze Again In 2022?

There are plenty of reasons why Commodities are on the move from rapidly surging global inflation, tightening supply vs soaring demand, logistical bottlenecks to ever growing supply chain issues – all combined with a very disruptive economic recovery from the pandemic that shows no signs of end in sight.

At the same time, the switch toward a greener world is creating fresh demand for metals such as Copper, Lithium, Nickel and Silver, which are all key to the green energy revolution.

Copper, Lithium and Nickel prices have surpassed decade highs in recent months, amid an ongoing energy crisis, global supply chain issues and booming demand from China in their aggressive drive to ensure blue skies for the Winter Olympics.

However, Silver has a habit of lagging behind the rest of the commodities complex for extended periods of time – but once it gets going, it really gets going.

With Silver prices currently trading near $23 an ounce – it’s one of the most undervalued metals on earth right now and presents the biggest upside potential. In my opinion, Silver is definitely the best trade right now and the one to watch in 2022.

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