Asia Trading Cup Makes History in Macau

Press Release

15th January 2020

Macau, China

With what can be described as a high-octane, high-energy atmosphere, finalists executed their strategies over the US non-farm payroll data in a bid to get the largest percentage return and be crowned the grand champion.

With a minimum cash prize pool of $150,000 USD throughout the competition, the winner of the grand final night alone took home a cool $53,000 USD.

Here are the 3 champions, along with their percentage returns:

Winners Rank Percentage Return (%)
Mr. Haodong Nie 1st 9.79%
Mr. Zhanfeng Wu 2nd 5.64%
Mr. Shaotao Yu 3rd 3.79%

The competition, which was started last year by the Australian CFD broker ACY Securities, was streamed live from Macau with thousands of people tuning in to witness contestants showing off their trading prowess on one of the biggest live trading stages in the world.

ACY Securities Director and Co-founder Jimmy Ye said he was impressed by the calibre of talent at the event.

“The Asia Trading Cup personifies what it takes to become one of the best traders in the world. Contestants have proven they have incredible trading talent to qualify for this event and their skills are put to the test in the toughest environment of all – live in front of thousands of people” said Mr Ye.

“What impressed me the most about the competition is how focused and prepared each contestant was leading up to the final. Their steely determination combined with an impressive belief in their strategies, meant it was always going to be a close result” Mr Ye continued on to say.

Given the success of the Asia Trading Cup in 2018 and 2019, ACY Securities have announced that the next instalment of the competition will be rolled out internationally and will be renamed the Trading Cup.

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