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How Blockchain Can Solve Problems for the Online Gaming Industry

Online players have continued to face a plethora of issues with an online gaming site, including, but not limited to:

  • Data protection.
  • House edged gambling ensuring that the house always wins.
  • A lack of transparency in the calculation of odds. parties
  • High fees.
  • Fraudulent activity

It ultimately boils down to trust and, with blockchain’s decentralized ledger, the chances of manipulation and fraud are removed from the equation, the creation of smart contracts removing the possibility of dispute, with all bets and moves recorded and validated on the blockchain. The calculations of odds are also far more transparent and fair.

At the center of the revolution is Zero Edge. In the midst of its initial coin offering, Zero Edge is bringing the much-needed solutions to the industry, with its blockchain technology not only delivering the much-needed transparency with smart contracts, but also 0% house edge together with the provision of true odds for players, removing skewed chances of beating the house.

When considering the size of the industry with all of its existing flaws and the issues players have continued to face, Zero Edge is certainly going to, not only revolutionize the industry, but also bring more companies go into this development.

For existing companies that have yet to expand to the Worldwide Web, expanding with the Zero Edge platform (based on Ethereum) and shifting away from fiat money has its benefits.

By removing the use of fiat money and adopting the use of cryptocurrencies, similar to the process of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, companies would no longer need licenses, reducing start-up costs and lead time in launching, giving new entrants almost immediate earnings potential, with the right advertising and adoption of the Zero Edge tech.

For the players, life is also about to get a lot easier, with blockchain technology not only removing the possibility of disputes and delay in receiving winnings, but also delivering true odds and 0% house edge games.

The good news is it will become a lot easier to find a reputable service, simply identifying a company that has already adopted the Zero Edge platform enough to ensure that, not only is the money protected and that the odds are calculated fairly, but that the player will also enjoy the anonymity that Zero Edge’s platform provides.

For those not interested in the gambling part, but keen to reap the benefits of this revolution, Zero Edge’s Zero Coin will no doubt reflect the industry’s evolution, with Zero Coin’s value likely to see sizeable gains as more and more online gambling companies adopt the Zero Edge platform and allow the use of Zero Coins for placing bets and gambling.