White Rabbit

Blockchain-powered Video Streaming Project White Rabbit is to Spend $1 Million to Onboard Streaming Sites

White Rabbit, a project created and developed by experienced filmmakers and software engineers, has announced the launch of so-called Partner Streaming Sites (PSS) program in its official blog post.

White Rabbit was conceived as a browser plug-in enabling users to find any legal content they may want online, store it in the user library called the Rabbit Hole, and, what is most important, directly pay to the film’s or series’ copyright holders thus moving intermediaries and higher prices aside.

The program announced by the project invites all kinds of video streaming services to participate in the development and evolution of what the project calls “the next generation streaming ecosystem.”

The blog post specifies that the project is willing to spend nearly $1 million of its token sale proceedings to onboard websites and services which are to be “most innovative, brand-conscious, film and series loving streaming sites either out there, planned, or about to launch.”

The post goes on to explain:

Improving the market means improving the situation of both users and producers. […] With PSS producers will find sites and users dedicated to films like theirs, allowing focused marketing and release campaigns matching their target audience.”

Any project willing to join White Rabbit’s ecosystem will receive up to $100,000 from the amounts raised over the forthcoming token sale, with 10% of all proceedings upon the service’s launch also going to the Partner Streaming Sites program.

White Rabbit’s presale campaign is set to launch in the first quarter of 2018 seeking to raise 25,000 ETH as a hard cap.

In order to participate in the partner program, the interested services should contact the White Rabbit team via email.