Cryptoshopping on Storiqa: Pay for Goods with Cryptos

Storiqa has already gained outstanding landmarks in crypto – successful $25 million hard cap, market capitalization over $150 million, a release of beta MVP. The company moves further according to the roadmap and presents Storiqa Wallet prototype on the official website.

Storiqa aims to create a quick-to-setup marketplace for SMEs with minimal financial borders and global transactional fees. Multicurrency payment solution helps to facilitate the last option. Storiqa Wallet is a mobile application through which clients can make payment both in cryptos (e.g. Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum -ETH, Litecoin – LTC) and fiat (e.g. USA dollar, euro).

Storiqa Wallet allows allocating budget among a few currencies simultaneously. Vendors who will trade on the marketplace can easily transfer crypto to fiat and vice versa. Shoppers will be able to transfer fiat and crypto easily before purchasing products. All these multicurrency transactions are conducted smoothly and orderly in the application due to lean business processes between banks and crypto exchanges behind. EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license assures secure and legal business processes. AML (Anti-Money Laundering) document is an inevitable step before getting the license. Both they confirm operations in the legal field.

At a later stage, Storiqa Wallet will be used outside the marketplace ecosystem. It means that paying for coffee with crypto is not a vague idea. Apple has already successfully applied NFC technology for ApplePay. Implementing NFC in Storiqa wallet allows using this multicurrency solution for any payment.

STQ token is presented on several exchanges at the moment, among them fiat pair to IDR. On July 5 STQ will meet new fiat pairs on cryptocurrency platform EXMO. Previously Storiqa increased market capitalization four times with the combination of product update and new exchange.

Anastasia Taved
PR Coordinator
Social: @nametaved

About Storiqa

Storiqa was founded in August 2017, with the aim of creating a quick-to-setup marketplace for SMEs with minimal financial borders and global transactional fees. Their key features and tools are based on using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to resolve existing industry problems between buyers and sellers.

Payment can be made in either crypto or by credit/debit card through Storiqa’s multicurrency wallet, and their tokenized business model creates a self-sustaining STQ token economy providing higher cash back to buyers and access to preferential platform features for sellers.

About EXMO

Founded in 2013 and based in London, Kiev, Barcelona, and Moscow, EXMO is #1 exchange in Eastern Europe, and one of the world’s largest global exchanges in volume and liquidity. There are 1.5 mln users, 50 000 active traders, 315 000 daily visitors, 56 trading pairs, 5 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, PLN, UAH) on the platform. The average daily trading volume is $50 mln.