Fair Gaming is the Future: TruePlay

Fair Gaming is the Future: TruePlay Sets a New Transparency Standard for the Gambling Industry

TruePlay Pre-SALE starts on April 15th. TruePlay is a unique gambling platform based on blockchain technology. Its developers presented software designed for creating and supporting gambling apps, with an innovative take on transparency and the functional abilities of online games.

TruePlay is based on its own token – the WinCoin – and its original system of smart contracts which provide security, transparency and guarantee a fair game. Its system eliminates many risks associated with gambling, especially those that concern algorithms designed to produce unfair gaming results. Such a system is by definition more trusted by players and as a result, draws significant interest towards the platform.

The team behind TruePlay.io aren’t just blockchain pros, they are longtime veterans of the gambling community, who have over decade’s worth of experience each. Their experience in running European gambling projects, coupled with their knowledge of the blockchain industry, has enabled the creation of an innovative product suited to meet and exceed the industry’s needs.

The advantages of the new system have already been praised by the project’s partners, including major market players, such as Gamingtec, Pokerdom, and Spinomenal. TruePlay’s token sale isn’t based on an idea but on a fully functioning, available product: fairplay.io. Utilizing their extensive expertise in online gambling, and the funds attracted during the token sale, the team is going to continue developing the product.

Transactions inside the system

All transactions between the system’s members are done in its internal currency – the WinCoin (WNC). It’s the only currency in use on websites based on the TruePlay platform. Partner authorization is done through an account in a single bank (WinCoin Wallet). There’s no need to go through KYC in each project, all that’s needed is a single authorization in the wallet itself. Due to the introduction of a single currency, the players and affiliates can monitor all transactions on the website, which is also responsible for automatic withdrawals and authorizations.

The advantages of buying WinCoin

TruePlay Tokens are an excellent opportunity to earn a profit on one of the fastest growing industries today. By now, it’s already clear that a large part of cryptocurrencies potential lies within the gambling industry – an industry that’s perfect for a transparent, blockchain-based transaction system. The online gambling market displays steady growth. At this moment the market is valued at $500b., and it’s expected to grow to $1t. by 2021.

Security and transparency opportunities

The ETH-based smart-contract system provides full transparency and protects from any break-in attempts. The project includes games from Spinomenal.

Token sale parameters: 70 million tokens are going to be issued. During pre-sale, the TruePlay platform expects to attract approximately 11.34 Ethereum (ETH) through the sale of 13.5 million WNC, with another 31.5 ETH on the way through the sale of 28.5 million WNC at the token sale itself.

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