Farmville Creator Zynga To Introduce a “Dedicated” NFT Game in 2022

Blockchain and NFT based games have been noticing an increase in attention and user base ever since Axie Infinity’s success. Following in the footsteps mainstream media companies are aiming to develop similar games which can establish them in the blockchain industry as well.

An “amaZYNGA” Idea

Discussing their plans with Axios, the studio shared details about the future of blockchain gaming for Zynga. The company’s blockchain chief Matt Wolf said: 

“Things are really frothy right now. So we’re looking at the cycle and we’re figuring out where we want to jump in, but we definitely have feelers out.”

The discussions began taking shape recently as Zynga is planning on releasing a ground-up, dedicated NFT game this year. Last year’s news surrounding Farmville and Words with Friends, two of Zynga’s most successful games getting NFTs was picking up the heat.

But Matt made it clear that the studio does not plan on mixing incorporating NFTs with those two games as it could potentially confuse players.

Instead, they aim on developing a new blockchain team whose sole focus would be on blockchain and NFT games. Zynga is looking to expand this team from the current 15 members to up to 100 before the beginning of 2023.

In line with the same, last week the studio posted a job position for a Lead Game Systems and Economy Designer – NFT.

Creating economic models, exploring and providing guidance around decentralized governance as well as conceptualizing, designing, and preparing documentation for new features and content were among the main responsibilities of the position.

Going forward the studio intends on tapping the blockchain and NFT games familiar player base who are simply looking to make the most use of the NFT features. Adding to the same, Wolf stated:

“When they enter into one of these products, they come at it from an investor or, a whale, point of view and are interested in specific elements including yield. We don’t want to bring them something that they didn’t ask for, and we don’t want to assume that they want a super, super deep gameplay experience.”

Not the First One Though

Last year,  not only planned but also incorporated NFTs into one of their major games Ghost Recon Breakpoint by adding three NFTs into the game which could be resold through the platform “Quartz”.

Although the community’s response was not similar to what they were expecting, they did not bow out of experimenting with NFTs yet.

Besides gaming, NFTs themselves are already becoming a mainstream interest with celebrities and companies using it as a form of marketing and promotion.