FBS Contest

FBS Announces the August “Dreams Come True” Contest Winner!

For several years, FBS holds a social contest called “Dreams Come True”, where the contestants write their dreams on the company’s Facebook page. The person with the most inspiring and touching dream becomes the winner, and the prize is getting this dream come true by FBS.

The August winner of “Dreams Come True” contest is Sherlani Jane Fanari, a 28-years old Filipina who lives in Italy with her husband and kids. She is a housewife and her favorite thing to do is sewing, so she wished for a brand-new sewing machine and cotton fabrics to create clothes, furniture covers , nd stuffed toys. But it’s not just a hobby for her – she wants to sew things for sale to support her family in Italy and her mother in the Philippines, because her house was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

Mrs. Fanari has been trading with FBS since May 2018 and found out about the contest through her FBS personal area. She took part in the “Dreams Come True” contest three times, and the last one appeared to be the lucky one. She is very grateful to FBS for giving her the possibility to do the thing she loves and help her family with it. Mrs. Fanari is sure she’s going to continue trading with FBS: she sees trading as a great way to improve her family’s financial situation. “I am very grateful for these wonderful gifts! You will never regret choosing FBS as your broker” – says she. Congratulations to Mrs. Fanari on winning the contest!

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