FBS Makes Your Dreams Come True: Trading, Traveling, And a Love Story Of 30 Years

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Once a month, FBS broker picks one person and makes their sincerest wish come true – but only in case this dream stands out and really makes a difference. In October 2018, FBS “Dreams Come True” contest was won by Leonardo Alves from Brazil – he wished to take a wedding anniversary trip to one of the most beautiful places of the country, the city of Fortaleza. And this is how his journey began.

Leonardo is 54 years old, he is from Brazil and lives on a disability pension after undergoing back surgery. He met his wife Aldilene in his hometown – they lived in the same neighborhood, and he spotted her when she was walking down the street with her grandmother. Despite all the hardships, they made it to 30 years of marriage and wanted to celebrate the Big Day with a Big Trip.

Leonardo and Aldilene choose a very special destination – the city of Fortaleza, one of the most picturesque places of Brazil. It is famous for its amazing beaches, and both were very excited to visit it together.

I want to see the city sights, get to taste its food, see the beaches that I’ve heard so much about. I’d like to see it all in person, with my wife.

Unfortunately, the couple realized that their pensions wouldn’t be enough to cover trip expenses. One day, Leonardo was surfing Facebook and bumped into the FBS “Dreams Come True” contest. The rules suggested to post a dream on FBS official Facebook page – so he did and started waiting.

When Mariana, the FBS representative, told me I was the winner, I told my wife: “I can’t believe it. Is this for real? Let’s wait and see”.

It was for real. FBS paid the cost of flight and accommodation so that this sweet couple had yet another memory that they will hold dear for years to come.

Leonardo confessed that although he has never tried to trade Forex before, he got an idea to figure out how it works and give it a try.

FBS claims that the major idea of this contest is positive change. Seems like for Leonardo and Aldilene, a random Facebook contest shaped up to be not only a new chapter of their marriage, but also a new chapter of their life.

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