Forex Club to Offer Clients Annual Interest as a Bonus

Forex Club announced that it will offer clients an annual interest rate bonus of up to 6.5%.  This unprecedented move marks the first time that an FX Broker is offering an interest rate based on a client’s deposit plus all opened positions with unrealized p/l as a bonus.

The bonus will be available to clients with a Platinum or Diamond account with Forex Club.  Platinum accounts will receive a 5% bonus; Diamond accounts will receive a 6.5% bonus.

Interest will be accrued at the end of every day’s trading, stored into the company’s FXBank and at the end of each 90 day period; the entire incurred interest will be deposited into a client’s account.

The interest will be applied as an incentive bonus, and cannot be withdrawn.  However, all profits made with the incentive funds may be withdrawn. See the Terms and conditions here.

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