Google Has Offered work to Ethereum's Founder, Vitalik Buterin

Google Has Offered work to Ethereum’s Founder, Vitalik Buterin

An interesting offer

The offer is even more interesting than it appears at first glance. Before explaining the basis of this statement, however, it is better to review the information that is publicly available.

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In its original tweet, Vitalik did not hide the recruiter’s name, email address or profile image. It was a short e-mail, and a part of it was cropped out of the screenshot he posted. The translated text is: “I hope you’re fine and enjoying the weekend” and in the line below “Google makes sense for you now or in the near future”.  The tweet was then deleted, perhaps because of concerns about the privacy of the recruiter due to the uncensored screenshot.

That being said, only 41% of the survey respondents were in favor of the proposal received from Buterin. I, personally, would be very surprised if this offer was accepted. In particular, because Ethereum is developing rapidly and dynamically and remains among the most promising cryptocurrencies (according to many the most promising) and therefore offers great opportunities to its founder. However, if this proposal were to be accepted, the consequences on the price of ETH would surely not be slight ones. This is because Vitalik is a kind of frontman to the Ethereum project, a guide for the entire community.


Recently, however, Google has not shown a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies and ICOs. In particular, it decided to prevent access to advertisements on its AdWords platform. During the same month, however, news emerged that Google is working on its own blockchain. Its goal is to provide cloud and transactional services.

The blockchain is well suited to improve the security of existing solutions offered such as Google Drive. It would, therefore, make sense to expect the founder of Ethereum to be responsible for the development of such a project. In addition, Google has invested in several other blockchain-based solutions, such as Ripple, LedgerX or Veem. In short, Google has shown great interest in the sector and not without good reason.

Google, in fact, like Facebook (which has created its own team dedicated to the development blockchain, not to mention the fact that they are already the first rumors about a facecoin) is a company that has the ability to make a mainstream cryptocurrency. Actually, thanks to its undoubted influence on the smartphone market, Google could be even more advantaged than Facebook is. In fact, this company has a number of unique possibilities offered by controlling an entire ecosystem of operating systems and services in which it could integrate its blockchain.

Google’s advantages

In fact, Google could not only integrate blockchain authentication within its services or use it for the storage of the most sensitive data (which would be a very advantageous step given the recent scandals regarding Facebook). It would also be possible to integrate a wallet directly into the Android operating system, theoretically also a full node or even formulate specific hardware requirements to ensure efficiency and security. Thus, making all future Android smartphones something similar to what is being designed by Huawei, Sirin Labs or HTC. Such a scenario would make mass adoption much faster