How To Make Copy Trading Mutually Beneficial For Both Investors And Managers

Revolution of Social Trading

Let’s make it simple, social trading is similar to the Industrial Revolution in the world of asset trading. Not only it simplified the life of those who do not have time to keep an eye on the market, but also it increased the opportunities to trade and learn for newbies.

Going further, copy trade feature is similar to Internet invention, as it allowed to connect traders and investors in the most effective way. You just need to get in the platform, look at the rating of traders who display their strategy and make the right choice. However, with all that simplicity at the surface, there are some pitfalls deep inside.

Rating Matters

Here is where you need to be very careful when choosing the best one to copy his/her trades. Different platforms offer different ways to help you to make the right choice. For example, Genesis Vision considers the manager level system to be very important for the project, as it leverages the skill of the trader and the level of funds he or she can attract.

In the past, the founders used the rating system where traders “competed” for a chance to get the higher position and to top the monthly ranking, and the winners of the rating had the chance to be more exposed to investors and attract more investor capital. Although this approach looks quite simple and logical, it doesn’t really take into consideration anything, apart from the fact that a manager showed good results within a certain period of time in comparison to other managers.


That’s why the project team in collaboration with keen traders from their Telegram community worked hard to develop the perfect system that would include all the important parameters for manager evaluation. From now on, the more personal funds a manager has, the more investment he/she can attract. What’s important, the higher the number that takes the stability of trading and profits in the account, the better, and trading volume and age of the program also matters.

But the best news for newbies is here: you don’t need to count anything for yourself, you have a perfect calculator to do all the work for you.

Freedom of Choice

Let’s be honest, you may have the best rating of traders/managers ever, but the absence of the copy trade feature may significantly complicate the life of an investor. To put it simply, copy trading in the most literal sense is a direct replication of the trades of the chosen traders in the market. Once a trader that you have subscribed to opens an order, this order is copied and replicated on the investor’s trading account.

However, copy trading adds an additional area of responsibility. For instance, the opening of transactions becomes the investor’s pain because the volume of opened deals depends on the investor’s subscription settings.


Genesis Vision platform managed to resolve the issue with a graceful idea— managers will be using a subscription model, allowing their followers to copy their trades for a fee. After that, all of the trades that were performed within the timeframe of the reporting period are copied to your trading account. This is something that makes the collaboration between managers and investors mutually profitable.

About Genesis Vision

The project initially set a goal to unite all financial markets, and it keeps going its path gathering Forex, crypto, and stock exchanges into one platform.

Genesis Vision is the first project made for private trust management market based on blockchain technology, which provides a transparent and automated system of investment and profit distribution for investors.

Genesis Vision managers currently have access to trading services provided by EXANTE, Huobi, Just2Trade, Roboforex and Genesis Markets, which combines the order books of Binance, Huobi, and LMAX Digital.