Launches Upgraded Version ‘Mirror Trading’ Market AutoTrader

Announced July 11, 2011, this new version of the Market Auto Trader manages an account by executing trades and orders, in real time, based upon a client’s chosen strategy parameters.

This upgrade contains several new features:

–          Live signals which can instantly be mirrored

–          Simulation of a strategy performance before execution

–          Review history and activity of portfolio

–          Redesigned graphic interface, for ease in analysis of data

–          Traders can open, close, modify and manage several trading positions or accounts simultaneously

–          Ability to switch between auto-strategies as needed

–          Ability to copy successful strategies in real time

–          Scoring system to help trader choose a strategy

–          Visual display of a strategy’s performance

Once approved, this platform executes trades even as the client is away from his or her computer.

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