Markets Volatility Ahead in December

Markets Volatility Ahead in December – How Can You Make Profits?

As we are approaching the last month of 2016, financial markets reach a boiling point. Yes, Donald Trump’s economic policies hope –  so-called Trumponomics and concerns over the new eccentric US president-elected ease, but as we see 2017 in front, December has a lot of surprises.

1. Federal Reserve December Meeting – On the 13-14 of December, the Federal Reserve members will meet to put an end to the question of the interest rate hike. All signs indicate a rate hike before the end of the year as Fed Watch tool odds pricing 91.7% for an interest rate hike. Markets might be choppy before and after the Fed announcement.

2. On December 4th, Italy Referendum to leave European union can shake financial markets stability. After Brexit decision on June 23 and Trump’s presidential election victory, we can safely say that anything is possible. obviously, the major effect will be on the Euro currency and the European economy. US Dollar strength might continue as capital will flow into the US.

3. OPEC Meeting takes place on the last day of November. In the last four days, crude oil prices dropped 4.00% on Friday, climbed 2.21% on Monday session, lost 3.93% yesterday and at the time of writing, oil prices soar over 8.00%. Oil prices volatility is expected to continue in December as consolidation around 50$ a barrel might find its breakout.

4. European Central Bank Meeting – On December 8th, The (ECB) will hold its monthly meeting. The central bank is preparing to review its securities lending and bond purchase programmes which will be eyed by investors across the globe.

While the European economy faces many obstacles, investors will closely watch Mario Draghi’s Policy action about any stimulus plans to boost economic growth.

Markets volatility might be risky. However, every investor/trader must have tools to take advantages of all opportunities markets contain.

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