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OctaFX to Launch a Free Forex Basic Course

The Forex Basic Course primarily targets those who don’t know much about trading Forex and other markets and those who want to firm up their core knowledge. All lessons of the course are dedicated to different topics and lined up from the easiest ones to more advanced. The contents are composed in a clear, precise language. To make it easier for the students to memorize new terms, every new piece of information is animated and exemplified.

After every lesson, the students can pass a test or complete a practical task. Only after achieving a satisfactory result, users will be able to pass on to the next lesson. Trainee traders will be able to pass these tests and read through the lessons any number of times without time limit. After completing the course, the students will get an online certificate that represents their academic progress. They will be able to share it on social networks or print it out.

Remarkably, besides basic terminology, the course also gives practical advice on how to build a strategy that helps surpass fluid market or prevent significant losses. Some lessons include precise directions on how to act at the specific market environment. The authors mainly focus students’ attention on the idea that preserving their capital throughout trading is essential.

The Forex Basic Course from the Trading Tiger Academy consists of eight lessons with tests and practical tasks, which are now available only in English. The authors of the course are currently preparing two final lessons and translation—the Indonesian language will come first.

OctaFX, the founder of the Trading Tiger Academy, is a Forex broker providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers a high-end trading experience to more than one million trading accounts, on both desktop and mobile devices. OctaFX won Best Forex Broker Asia 2018 award and has won more than 20 other awards since its foundation. The company is well-known for its social and charity activity. It also regularly conducts global and local promotion campaigns with valuable money and product prizes.